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Founded in 1978, the SEAOIL Group of Companies was engaged in offering storage facilities for petroleum and petrochemical based products. Soon after, it rapidly expanded its operations by carving a niche in the wholesale petroleum market. A decade later, the company partnered with Paramins, at that time one of the world's leading lubricant additive supplier, endowing its Research and Development Team the ability to develop the most advance lubricants in the market, an endeavor it continues to do today.

In 1996 in anticipation of the oil market deregulation, SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. was established, eventually becoming the first independent fuel player to open a retail station. Today, the SEAOIL Group of Companies employs over 600 highly motivated and skilled personnel and constitutes over 4% of the country's annual downstream oil industry.

In the short term, SEAOIL is aggressively constructing more service stations at strategic locations consistent with its aim to be the service station of choice for the A, B, C and D market segments. As a Filipino-owned company, SEAOIL has the competitive advantage in its unique perspective and understanding of the needs of the Filipino market.

In the long run, the company envisions itself to be the most omnipresent player in the oil industry in terms of retail network. The company aims to put up over 500 stations nationwide in 2011.

Empowering Filipinos thru Franchising

As a testament to its dedication to the Filipino consumer, SEAOIL has been consistently expanding its retail station network in the country especially in underserved markets. From one station when it started retailing in 1997, SEAOIL now has over 150 stations all over the country.

This aggressive expansion plan serves not only the Filipino consumer; it also opens business opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs through franchising.

SEAOIL boasts of an award-winning franchise model that earned the company a number of prestigious awards as a retailer of fuel and lubricant products. SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. was recognized as the “Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year” in the 2007 Franchise Excellence Awards organized by the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), and the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA). SEAOIL also won this coveted Award in 2006, making the 2007 Award its second in a row, elevating SEAOIL into the Franchise Excellence Awards’ “Hall of Fame”.

Changing the Landscape of Philippine Fuel Industry

Over the last thirteen years, SEAOIL has consistently been able to introduce more advanced and environment-friendly fuel specifications ahead of its competition, which include the shift from leaded gasoline to unleaded, high sulfur to low sulfur diesel, and in the past few years, the shift to alternative fuels like bioethanol and biodiesel.

SEAOIL is known for its pioneering efforts in promoting biofuels in the Philippines, a practice that became the standard in the fuel industry with the passing of R.A. 9367 (Biofuels Act of 2006) which mandated the blending of 1 percent CME (coco-methyl ester) for all diesels in May 2007 (upgrade to 2 percent in 2009), and blending of 10 percent ethanol into gasoline products in 2009.

It is the first company to sell E10 fuels or gasoline blended with 10% ethanol in the country. A product that it has been developing and promoting since August 2005, more than a year before the Biofuels Act of 2006 was signed. SEAOIL was also the first to launch 2004 Clean Air Act-compliant diesel (Pure Diesel) in 2003.

SEAOIL believes that we owe this shift to biofuels to future generations. In the words of SEAOIL president and CEO Francis Glenn Yu, we did not inherit the earth from our parents, but instead it was borrowed from our children, so we should be good stewards of it.

Innovative, customer-focused and globally competitive, SEAOIL Philippines Incorporated is harnessing all its energies to become the leading force in the country's oil industry.

Station Franchising

As both a means and an end to fulfill its mission of “Enriching the Lives of Filipinos”, SEAOIL’s franchising program has enabled the company to steadily develop its retail network and logistical arms as well as to share the profitability of its franchise program to its Dealers. Below are some of the main benefits of becoming a SEAOIL franchisee.

By engaging in a petroleum retail business, Dealers can easily market to their own network, thereby realizing the inherent value of associations they’ve built over the years.

Franchisees have the opportunity to gain from SEAOIL’s expertise and avoid costly mistakes if they were to start their own business without an ample working knowledge of its intricacies. Initiatives such as seminars on Value Enhancement, Tax Awareness, Employee Benefits and the like offer important information to Dealers as they begin their businesses.

SEAOIL has a year-round support program consisting of company-wide promotional activities, direct marketing consultancy, and a 24-hour technical assistance package.

Franchisees Look For:

An established Franchisor whose products enjoy a stable demand.
A low-risk investment option which would earn optimum returns for their savings.
A franchise that allows them to maximize the earning potential of their businesses' locations.
SEAOIL Offers:
An opportunity to market prime commodities (fuel and lubricants) backed by 31 years of operations excellence.
A franchise that enables Dealers to maintain ownership of their invested money and double it in 4 years.
A continuous support program to allow Dealers to earn from initiatives other than selling of fuel and lubricants.
Benefits Enjoyed by SEAOIL Franchisees:
SEAOIL’s Brand Strength'''
High Return / Low Risk ; Proven Profitability
Competitive Pricing ; Security of Supply
World Class Products
Marketing, Technical Expertise & Support
Advantages of operating a gasoline station:
Low franchise fee
Oil is an essential commodity
Price flexibility and margin support
No inventory spoilage
Demand is non-trend dependent
Option for expansion – convenience store & service bay
Simple to operate
Option to become a lubricant distributor
Investment Required
Franchise Fee: P350,000

Refundable Investment: minimum of P3.8M (station size and volume-dependent)
Frontage: Minimum 25 meters
Lot Size: 375 sqm and up
Return will vary on the size and location of the station

Franchising Options:

We will customize the franchise package for you! You can franchise existing stations or we can build a new station. You can also choose from the following different types of equipment:

Electronic Dispensing Pumps
Mechanical Dispensing Pumps
Underground Tanks ranging from 2,000 – 6,000 gallons
SEAOIL Signages
Steps to Success:
To become a SEAOIL franchisee, simply follow these steps:

Submit a letter of intent to our Marketing Department stating your desire to become a SEAOIL Franchisee.
Secure and fill up one of our standard Franchise Application Forms. You can download it from here.
Provide a photocopy of your Community Tax Certificate to be used in executing a Franchise Agreement and Equipment Lease Contract.
Submit a Bank Certification and/or Financial Statement indicating cash and/or assets amounting to at least 3.8 million pesos.
Schedule an appointment with one of our Marketing Personnel for the submission of the above documents.
For more information, please email us.


When you've completed these steps, our Reseller Department shall evaluate your application and inform you of any further requirements.

Details of our Dealership Agreement and its pre-requisites shall be discussed with you and when all these requirements have been complied with, you shall be asked to submit at least 10% of our Dealership Fee to fund the actual evaluation of your proposed site.

If our Business Development Officers find your site suitable for the construction of a gasoline station, you will be well underway into becoming an actual Seaoil Dealer.

For more information kindly email our Marketing Department or contact us at (02) 397-1010

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