Ten Pesos (Php 10.00) in 1945 of Teodorico “Ted” Lepura started in business concept that outlived him and became the pride of Iloilo – the famous TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY. This humble beginning of the business was not deterrent to its growth but became its cutting edge.

Ted Lepura started making batchoy in the 1930's as a teenager. During those times he worked odd jobs just to make ends meet. The son of a poor peasant, he worked with different chinese merchants where he discovered his culinary potential. With a working knowledge on making La Paz Batchoy from his work with a Chinese Merchant, he started to innovate and adjust the dish. That simple innovation was the basis of what became of the Lapaz Batchoy that we know today. Back then, Ted became a peddler of just about anything including his Lapaz Batchoy which he noticed is gaining loyal patrons. That response gave him an idea. So after the war, in 1945 and with his savings of Php 10.00, he opened his first 5x5 small stall in the public market of La Paz , Iloilo . The first stall was simply made of nipa and bamboo and husband and wife team did all the work with assistance of their children.

The only product served by TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY at the time was the “original” La Paz Batchoy. It was sold for Php 0.20 centavos in 1945. The food was served in bowls exactly one would have in its present branches. The only difference is that they now come with various sizes. To meet customer's demand for variety, they developed other batchoy products. In the late 60's new products were added such as miswa batchoy, bihon batchoy and sotanghon batchoy. Innovation brought forth by TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY have set the standards in the distinct La Paz Batchoy. All the family's effort has now bear fruit and TED'S OLD TIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY is a name to contend with and has been recognized. Among Teodoro's children only Adelfa (now Adelfa Lepura Borro) took part in the business. Adelfa was trained as cook, as well as in all aspects of the restaurant operations. She is responsible for the innovations in the business and has primarily been responsible for the growth of TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY. Under her watchful eyes, the company has slowly but surely gained market acceptance.

Because of her initiative, TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY was able to expand in different places of Iloilo as well as in the cities of Roxas (Gaisano City), Bacolod (Robinson's Place), and Las Pinas (SM City Southmall).

Now Still with Mrs. Adelfa Borro's commitment, TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY, embarks on a more aggressive expansion route – thru Franchising. Franchisee can bank on her support as she has been born to TED'S and TED'S is the life she breathes. Truly a worthy daughter who transformed a PhP 10.00 investment to what is now.

Contact Person:


Victoria F. Oroceo/Felipe Chua/Dolores Borro

Ted's Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy
Jaro, Iloilo City
5000 Philippines

Tel No. (033) 3201945

Mr. Hilario Borro
Franchising President

Ted's Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy
Jaro, Iloilo City
5000 Philippines

Fax No. (033) 3379817
Tel No. (033) 3201945


Grace Victoriano-Belonio

226 UGF SM Southmall
Alabang-Zapote Rd.,
Las Piñas City
Tel No . (02) 8009862
Telefax No. (02) 8075572

Franchise applicants are required to submit a letter of intent including information on the proposed site and its location map addressed to:

Ted's Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy Franchising Systems, Inc.(TOLBFSI)
Ted's Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy(HEAD OFFICE)
2nd Floor,Arguelles Bldg., Jaro Plaza,Jaro, Iloilo City
5000 Philippines

or email @:

It is important to indicate the applicant’s complete contact details in this letter. Franchise applicants will also be required to complete an information sheet upon TOLBFSI's notice. Other documents will later be requested by TOLBFSI depending on the status of the application.

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  1. The only thing that I love about the Philippines even more than Manny Pacquiao is the countless franchise opportunities that are popping up daily in the country. If you aren't getting on a Filipino franchise, then I have no idea what you are doing with your business.