Company Profile

SOAP FOR LESS MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION, is a Franchise company that was organized in November 2005. Its office and warehouse facilities is located at #6 N. Domingo St., San Juan, Metro Manila. Our first year of operation was focus mainly on the sales of a franchise package which we offer to entrepreneurs who are motivated to own and manage a Refilling station of quality detergents from a low capital investment.

SOAPFORLESS – is the franchise brand which signifies affordability and quality. Over the years, said brand has established a niche in the market and has encouraged more franchisees nationwide due to short period return of investment (ROI) and good profit margins.

REFILL STATION - is an innovative concept which we introduced to suit the buying capacity of consumers in the C, D, E, segment. This has been made possible thru the use of Dispensers, which allows the sale of liquid or powder detergent in smaller quantities at a minimum P6.00 per 100ml/gram. The unique concept and designs of the dispenser has raised the awareness among consumers on the “Tingi” buying program for the following core brands.

Dishwashing Liquid

Fabric Conditioner

Ultra Powder Detergent

To date, the company is devoted in expanding franchise distribution while rendering full services to its 200 Franchise owners nationwide. We have set the Tele-marketing system to facilitate efficient order taking in geographical clusters and likewise, ensure timely delivery. In 2007, we have introduced additional product lines to supplement the core brands which will generate incremental sales for the Franchise such as:

LAUNDRY SPECIALTY LINES: Chlorox Liquid, Oxalic acid, Rust Stain Remover, Liquid Detergents etc.

HOME / BUILDING/ CAR CARE: Glass Cleaners, Grease Remover, Liquid Hand Soap, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Dishwashing Paste, Car Shampoo, Tire Black.

PERSONAL CARE: Mena Soap, Papaya Soap, Tawas Soap, Hotel Herbal Soap, Squalene, Oatmeal Soap etc.


1.) AFFI – Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc.

2.) PhilVenture

3.) CSE – Center for Small Entrepreneurs


1.) The Enterprise Magazine

2.) MUB – Magandang Umaga Bayan – ABS-CBN Channel 2

3.) Swak na Swak – ABS-CBN Channel 2

4.) DZXL, DZMM interviews


SoapforLess as a link to serve the needs of the Low-end market for quality detergent products within their means.

To spearhead the awareness of Clean and Safe Environment thru the Recycling Program.

Market Leadership thru excellence in products and services


To promote SoapforLess franchise as a tool to encourage Entrepreneurship and generate jobs.

Support the “Tingi” buying program thru the Refill Station.

Implement Product Development programs and sustain competitiveness at all times.

To convey Utmost Customer Service levels to our franchisees and consumers.

Contact Information
TeleFAX : (02) 725-1972
Postal address : #6 N. Doming0 St., San Juan, Manila

Electronic mail
General Information:
Customer Support:

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The Coffee Experience (TCE) began as an experimental business venture that introduced various retailing concepts to establishments and consumers alike. With nothing more than an innovative spirit and a simple but unique concept, a successful business was born.

1993: The business began as a simple family business. Grown from sheer determination and a passion for coffee, the search for the right ingredients went through a multitude of experiments in the comforts of this family’s own garage. Friends were invited over to sample a wide variety of coffee beverages and immediately, they all found drinks that they would call their favorite. It didn’t take long before the business would take off to be a success… slowly but surely.

The business did not require a lot of manpower. With an initial staff of 5 baristas (read: masters of coffee preparation), 1 supervisor and a US consultant whose expertise is on espresso bar operations, an intensive training program was designed to foster efficiency in service while delivering only great tasting quality products at all times.

So, neatly tucked beneath the stairwell of a Makati Mall, Filipino consumers had their first sips of espresso beverages and loved it! Foreigners, on the other hand, marveled at the sight of a TCE espresso bar and savored each drink as it had been prepared properly…finally. Not only were the products great tasting, they too were reasonably… finally. Not only were the products great tasting, they too were reasonably priced to cater to the majority of consumers on-the-go in the Philippines and was widely accepted The Coffee Experience had arrived.

In the successive years, coffee drinking evolved to be the alternative beverage. Through TCE’s introduction of COLD coffee concoctions such as Latte Mocha Granita, the coffee drinking market extended to the younger segment represented by 18-25 years old customers. In addition to this, The Coffee Experience created a new lifestyle allowing people to take their coffee anytime… anywhere.

2005: With the proliferation of local and foreign coffee houses in the Philippines, The Coffee Experience remains to be a major player in the market. From its simple espresso bar operations, TCE has widened It’s offering by including pastries that complement the various beverages. The Coffee Experience no longer limits itself to serving quality products and services. The Coffee Experience now offers various life experiences.

TCE Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To develop a chain of on-site espresso bars offering a quality coffee beverages at affordable prices for people on-the-go.

Our Mission

In achieving our vision, we commit to excellence in:


· CX Food Enterprises, Inc., operating under the trade name of The Coffee Experience, is the pioneer in the on-site espresso bar concept in the Philippines.

· The Coffee Experience opened its first espresso bar in the Glorietta Activity Center on February 12, 1993. Each TCE espresso bar was intentionally, and to serve only quality espresso-based beverages for the discriminating crowd.

· The Coffee Experience was the first of its kind in the Philippines and paved the way for the emergence of similar business ventures. By the end of 1993, the company already had 4 successful espresso bars in major malls in Metro Manila, one of which was in Robinson’s Galleria.

· Serving specialty coffee, it began as a innovative and unique business venture that incorporated a western concept of serving a variety of espresso-based beverages through the use of the proper equipment to extract coffee from premium local coffee beans.

· Developing its own unique blend, The Coffee Experience was able to cater to the distinct taste of the Filipino, yet still attract foreign clientele because of its comparable quality to international blends. Through the years, TCE concentrates its efforts to build a business, aiming for exceptional quality for each of its products.

· CX Food Enterprises, Inc. has expanded its operations to wholesale distribution of coffee beans to clients in Metro Manila and other provinces.

· Due to TCE’s unique and versatile concept, TCE’s client base has grown to include corporate accounts and the like through its catering services for trade fairs, school activities, fashion shows and even private functions.

· With the company’s goal of targeting a diversified market, it continues to introduce new drinks and new experiences that even the young crowd appreciates and enjoys.


· Aside from traditional espresso based beverages (such as cappuccinos, americanos and lattes), The Coffee Experience has an array of signature concoctions such as the Latte Mocha Granita, Latte Choco Granita, Kape-Eh and TCE’s premium ice-blended drinks, The FREEZE, all of which have gained a loyal customer base.

· To keeop up with the demands of creating new palatable experiences, TCE launched its Quarterly Blends program in October 2000. Every quarter, 3 new and exciting concoctions are created to satisfy a variety of coffee cravings.

· In addition to this, The Coffee Experience offers decaffeinated beverages, caffeine free concoctions and complementary food items that are freshly made and popular with our beverages.

· Aside from being affordable, The Coffee Experience allows the customer to be flexible enough to create his own concoctions. We offer EXTRAS for the customer to choose from, s uch as a choice of additional shots of flavor, espresso, and whipped cream. A variety of toppings such as marshmallows, chocolate and vanilla powder, and chocolate syrup are other options to jazz-up a cup of brew.

· The Coffee Experience also offer catering services for business functions, exhibits, special events, and even private parties.

TCE Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of Franchise is available?

A: The Coffee Experience offers INDIVIDUAL franchises for the development and operations of a TCE espresso bar.

Q: What is the criteria for the site selection?

A: Our preferred sites are malls, commercial centers, schools, buildings lobbies, hospitals or airports.

Q: What is included in a franchise package?

A: Our franchise package includes site evaluation, training, complete architectural plans, and outlet construction.

Q: What is the size of the outlet?

A: The size of the espresso bar itself will be a minimum of 6 square meters. Seating will be optional and flexible in number, thus the total area is variable.

Q: I want to join The Coffee Experience family! What’s my next step?

A: Together with your completed Information Sheet, send us a Letter of Intent stating your desire to obtain a franchise and if you have proposed site, please include:

· The address and area size of your proposed site · Relevant information on lease terms · Description of the site’s immediate environment in terms of traffic generators (schools, theatres, markets) and food competitors

For further inquries, please fill out the form below.


About Us

Chowking pioneered the quick-service Oriental restaurant concept in the Philippines which combines the best of Western fast-food service and the delicious taste of Oriental food. This unique dining experience has captured the hearts of millions of Filipino customers. To date, Chowking has a total of 391* stores in the Philippines.

Chowking aims to be a continuing International Success story with a current international store count of 29, 14 in the United States of America, 10 in the United Arab Emirates, and 5 in Indonesia*

Chowking is part of the Jollibee Food Group which includes famous Philippine brands like Jollibee, Greenwich, and Red Ribbon. The Group also owns three International brands namely Yonghe King, Chun Shui Tang, and Hongzhongyuan.

Jollibee Food Gro up also owns the franchise for Delifrance in the Philippines and recently entered into a joint venture with Lao Dong, a restaurant in Taiwan well-known for its beef noodles.


1. What are the fees that i should pay when I become a franchisee?
Please refer to the table below for he list of fees. These amounts do not include the initial investment required to construct the restaurant building, opening expenses, and opening inventory.


Territorial fee / Multi-Unit Development fee* - Minimum of USD 50,000 depending on the territory
Outlet Franchise Fee - USD 25,000 – full restaurantUSD 12,500 – food court / counter
Ads and Promo Fee - 3% of gross monthly sales
Royalty Fee - 6% of gross monthly sales*Applicable for Territorial Franchise Agreement Grantees

2. What is the cost of opening a new restaurant?
The cost of opening a new restaurant can vary based on several factors. The estimated cost of opening a full restaurant is USD 300,000 to 500,000. This does not include cost in securing the site and construction

3. How long will it take to get approved as a franchisee?
Initial qualifications involves a series of background checks, interviews, and documentaion which generally takes 8 to 10 weeks.

4. Will Chowking provide the location?
The franchisee will be the one to provide and secure the location. Chowking, with its Business Development team, will provide the necessary assistance during site mapping and site evaluation.

5.Will you provide plans and equipment list? Can i use equipment that I already own, or used equipment?
Chowking will provide the franchisee with the store lay-out and design guidelines, equipment and furniture list. Other design concepts coming from the franchisee may be considered upon presentation and approval from Chowking.

6. Is the franchisee required to purchase all supplies from Chowking?
Chowking encourages the franchisee to locally source all food item materials as importing from the Philippines may incur additional charges.

7. Can I use my own recipes and menu ideas?
Franchisee is allowed to sell products within the approved food concept in their restaurants.

8. How much is the return of investment?
The restaurant profitablity is depedent on several factors such as sales, market potential, investment and the ability of the franchisee to control his operating expenses. Other questions on financial viability may be discussed during the interview process.

9. What type of training support will Chowking provide?
Chowking will require the Operating Principal and the Managing Director to atttend and complete a -week Franchisee and Managing Director Training (FMDT). We will also provide an on-site training of kitchen and dining staff for the first store. After which, the franchisee should provide a trainor, who in turn will be trained and certified by Chowking, to facilitate and monitor the training of the succeeding staff.

10. Who will provide the manpower to operate the restaurant?
Chowking will assist the franchisee in the recruitment and training of its management team for the first store.

11. What are the requirements for application?
a. Letter of intent
b. Location map of the site
c. Duly-accomplished Application Form
d. Project Proposal and preliminary study on territory of interest

Head Office Address
33/f Jollibee Plaza
F.Ortigas Jr. Rd, (formerly Emerald Avenue)
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Phone # (632) 687-5735
Mobile # (63920) 912-5949
(63920) 905-7018

Fax # (632) 635-0572


We see Bayad Center to be a recognized player in the global outsourced payment collection industry.

In the Philippines, we are known as the country's best one-stop payment center. As a pioneer and leader in the industry, we are strategically located in high-traffic areas.

Given the increasing density of our local population, we are aggressively looking for more business partners to be our franchisees, also known as BAYAD CENTERpreneurs.

Why Consider Bayad Center as a Business Venture? We'll give you four reasons:

Most Recognized Brand in the Business
Bayad Center is the leader and pioneer in the country's Outsourced Payment Collection Industry. No competitor has matched the network of collection centers and range of corporate (biller) partners that the Bayad Center has built over the years.

Trusted by the Country's Best and Biggest Organizations

Bayad Center is entrusted with the payment collection process of the country's best organizations across various industries. Among our list of stellar partners include MERALCO, Social Security System, Maynilad, Manila Water, PLDT, Bayan Communications, Smart Communications, Globe Telecoms , Digitel, Sky Cable, Philamlife, Manulife, and a host of others.



We are the country's Best One-Stop Payment Shop (National Award)
National Product Quality Excellence Award We are the the Number One Bills payment Center (Metro Manila Award)
National Shoppers' Choice Annual Awards
We are the Number One Bills Payment Center (Metro Manila Award)
National Shoppers' Choice Annual Awards

Member of the Lopez Conglomerate

As a MERALCO subsidiary, Bayad Center is part of one of the country's most powerful business empires. Business Partners can be assured of Bayad Center's foresight in navigating the future of the business through the rough seas of this fierce business world.


A. Company Background

CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (CBCI) is the pioneer and undisputed leader in over-the-counter payment collection services.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Meralco, CBCI is the first of its kind in the country: outsourcing the bill collection function for major corporations.
With its one-stop payment concept, it provides the public "worry-free" bill collection in utilities, telecommunications, insurance, cable TV, Internet, government services, charities, credit card, and real estate.
Has more than 50 biller-partners which are big corporations like Meralco, PLDT, Smart, Globe, Maynilad, Manila Water, Skycable, Philamlife, Bankard, among others and a government institution, SSS.
Huge network composed of over 900 collection partners in the Philippines.

B. Criteria for a Franchisee

1. Integrity / Sound Character
2. Absence of Criminal / Derogatory Record
3. Sound Medical and Psychological Condition
4. Financial Capability / Business Sense

5. Available time to manage the franchised branch

6. Existence of network in the local market for possible customers of Bayad Center.

7. Capability to identify at least 10,000 households in the immediate vicinity of the proposed site.

C. Criteria for a Location

1. High Foot and Vehicular Traffic
2. Proximity to Partner Bank/s
3. Visible to Customers
4. In a Commercial Area (preferably)

5. Presence of at Least 10,000 Households
6. Not within proximity to an existing Bayad Center Franchised Site

7. Not Beside the following Establishments (if proposed site is in a Meralco service area):

• Lotto Outlet
• Pawnshop
• Betting Station
• Adult Entertainment

D. Franchise Investment

1. Franchise Fee – P 250,000+ 12% VAT
2. Equipment (computers, printers, barcode scanners, fax machine, vault, money verifier) – estimated at P120,000
3. Leasehold Improvements or compliance to the standard Bayad Center look
4. Minimal Furniture and Fixtures

NOTE: Full Branch Model should have a floor area of at least 15 square meters.

• Investment does not include the following:

1. Initial Office Supplies
2. Utilities Deposit
3. Advance Rental
4. Rental Deposit
5. Security Deposit to Lessor (Mall)
6. Initial Operating Capital
7. PhP600,000 Cash Bond
8. Insurances

E. Franchise Benefits

Benefits as a Bayad Center Franchisee

Brand Leverage
Operational & Field Support
Training Support
Technical Support
Marketing Support

F. Application Procedure

Applicant submits Letter of Intent to CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (CBCI) with attached Location Map of proposed site.
(NOTE: Letter should be addressed to Aida C. Yuvienco, VP and Head - Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Please include in the letter complete address of the proposed site as well as contact info - landline number/s, fax number & cellphone number – of applicant.)

CBCI screens proposed site.
CBCI conducts Franchise Orientation.
Applicant submits Market Study and Application Form and pays P15,000 processing fee.
CBCI verifies Market Study data.
CBCI conducts character/background and financial check/evaluation on the applicant.
CBCI conducts Panel Interview.
Applicant undergoes Medical Exams.
Applicant signs Memorandum of Agreement and reviews Franchise Agreement.
Applicant signs the Franchise Agreement and pays the Franchise Fee balance.

Business Solutions Center, Meralco Complex
Ortigas Ave., Pasig City

Telephone Numbers: 914-2160 (telefax);
(632) 1622-5567 (Ms. Phoebe Vargas) & (632) 1622-5520 (Ms. Bung Roa)
Email addresses: ;


Many businesses have grown as part of the vast Bayad Center network. Join this circle of successful entrepreneurs. Build a better business with the Bayad Center.

For further inquiries, feel free to contact us.


Getting a Franchise

We have been in business since 1982, operating Minute Burger stores mainly in Paranaque, Las Pinas, Cavite, Laguna and other parts south of Metro Manila. In 2003, we converted 100% of our company-owned stores for franchising. And as of October 2007, we have 40 franchisees operating 170 stores nationwide.

Minute Burger's business model is based on providing great-tasting but affordable products for customers "on-the-go". We combine globally-sourced ingredients and world-class manufacturing practices to ensure that our products are among the best in the market.

Our franchise system is designed to simplify business for our franchise partners. For instance, the central commissary will provide you with everything you will need in the business, and through our automated supply chain software, you can focus on opening and operating multiple stores rather than worrying about keeping your stores stocked.


Training and Operations Support
We will likewise provide you with a Franchise Operators Manual and provide you further training and orientation on how to manage and operate your business.

Marketing and Promotional Support
Our marketing and promotions experts will help you in implementing the Local Store Marketing Programs.

Continuing Supervision
Our management team will conduct regular visits to your store to help and monitor your outlet’s performance. On site business advice and financial guidance will also be provided to ensure a smooth and efficient business environment. As needed, we will likewise provide a refresher training session for new products and services.


1. Business Operations Support
· Assistance in Site Evaluation
· Supervision in Store construction
· Facilitation in purchasing Store Signages
· Guidance in securing necessary business permits
· Logistics – Stock Delivery
· Access to the central commissary
· Regular store audits
· Franchise Operations Manual
· Periodic review of finances
· Automated Store Management System

2. Management Training Services
· Training in Management, Sales and Finance Operations for Franchisee
· Training in Product Knowledge and Customer Service for Store Crew
· On-site inspection to ensure the highest standard of Customer service

3. Marketing and Promotional Support
· Advertising and promotional services
· Monthly company newsletter
· Regular meetings/conferences with fellow Franchisees
· Local store marketing
· Grand Opening assistance

Minute Burger Franchisees must possess:
1. A strong desire to continuously learn and apply successful business methods to ensure the profitability of the franchise.
2. The willingness to devote full-time to oversee day-to-day operations.
3. Strong leadership traits and must be people-oriented.
4. A willingness to assume risks and reap the rewards of running multiple stores.
5. Personal and non-borrowed finances for the investment.
6. No direct or indirect affiliations with similar or competing business

Franchise Application Procedure
Please fill up our online application form below or send your contact information via fax number (632) 776-7339 or email . Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you as soon as possible.

You may also send your contact information to:

Leslie Corporation
Food Service Division
4 Dama de Noche St.
United Paranaque Subdivision 4,
Paranaque, Metro Manila
Philippines 1712
Franchising Department

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q. What are the basis for the approval of a franchise application?
A. Major considerations include viability of proposed location/site, and the personal and financial qualifications of the applicant.


Q. How much is the required investment?
A. Approximately PhP200,000.00 per store with a refundable package. Details will be discussed when your application is approved.


Q. What is the expected ROI?
A. It largely depends on your location but we try to select sites that can give you no more than 2 years ROI.


Q. How many stores can a franchisee operate?
A. You can open up to 5 stores.


Q. How long is the wait between the franchise approval and store set up?
A. Between 2 to 4 weeks, assuming your site is available and all necessary permits are secured.


Q. Does Minute Burger provide the store personnel required?
A. No, we do not hire personnel for the franchisee, but we will provide the training and certification for the crew.


Q. Does Minute Burger provide financing?
A. Sorry, we don’t provide financing.


About Us

A new way of eating ice….

An Excellent ice dessert consisting mainly of ice shavings with an assortment of delightful topings that ranges from fresh fruits, to chocolate toppings and other delicious flavors. The Secret is in the ICE, using only “cream ice”, thin-shaved ice that comes without any courseness and texture for that distinctly smooth “melt-in-the mouth” feel.

Moreover, Ice Monster Desserts, takes pride in the fact that no frozen fruits are served, only fresh fruits are used for fruit toppings to serve the wide array of choices. For sweet tooth enthusiasts, Cookies & Cream, Brownie Fudge and Mudslide are the chocoholics selections. A dozen of refreshingly smooth Ice Monster Shakes serves as alternative for people on the go.

Our Vision

To be the leading premium ice dessert in the Phillippines and in select international markets.

Our Mission

To provide an excellent ice dessert treats and experience for the satisfaction of customers of all ages.
To build a formidable business operation that will develop and sustain fruitful and happy partnerships with franchisees and licensees.
To establish a socially-relevant company by promoting exemplary corporate values that will benefit the welfare of its employesses and the public it serves.

Business Opportunity

Highly Affordable, it is profitable investment that is easy and convenient to set-up and operate, with very minimal manpower and overhead cost requirements. Interestingly, Ice Monster offers a unique ice dessert experience and assures a happy percentage return on capital over a considerably limited period of time.

Franchise Support System

Use of business name and trade mark
Use of complete set of ICE MONSTER ON WHEELS
Uniqueness of the brand and name recognition
Site selection asssistance and evaluation
Comprehensive Operations Manual
Pre-Opening Assistance
Grand Opening Assistance
Post Opening Assistance ( 1 Week Opening Team)
Marketing and Promotional Assistance
Centralized commissary and procurement program
Product research and development
Constant communication with Ice Monster Family
Steps to an Ice Monster Franchise

Submit Letter of Intent to Franchise to : Business Development Manager
: Regaler Foods Incorporated

Mail : #15 Arras St. Barangay Maytunas,

San Juan 1500, Philippines

Fax No. : (02)7255256 / (02)7441291

Email :

2. Once pre-qualifies, fill out the Franchise Application Form which will be used to determine your background and experience with the following attachments:

Colored ID Photo of Applicant
Proposed Site Location with vicinity map and description
Photocopy of two (2) valid ID’s
3. After receiving an Acknowledment Letter, set a meeting h the business development team. Ice Monster Frachise Packet containing P&L & Investment

summary will be discussed.

4. Inspection,evaluation and approval of location.

5. Contract signing and payment.

6. Training

7. Grand Opening

Investment Requirements

Franchise Fee
Loan of Ice Monster signature Ice Shaver
Complete Kiosk Design & Construction
Complete Equipments (ice freezer, ice cream freezer, chiller,blender, etc.)
Marketing Materials (standees, menu boards, banners,etc.)
POS (Cash Reguiter acquisition and operation)
Initial Inventory
Working Capital
3 Sets of Uniform
Note: Total Capital Investment will depend upon thelease term and conditions of the location.

Return of Investment: Approximately 1.5 years

Terms: 3 years renewable

Register with us..

Ice Monster Desserts (Regaler Foods Inc.) Master Franchise, Philippines.

We are located at :

No. 15 Arras St., Barangay Maytunas, San Juan City

Tel. (632)7257463,(632)7255256

Fax: (632)7441291


:(0920)9223498 /(0921)3273400

Email :

Or if you want to download the Franchise Application: Click Here



Andy's Crunchicken pampers customers with crispy, tender and juicy flavorful chicken with creamy gravy and Andy's sidings and desserts at very affordable price; the perfect solution of take-out food for today's fast-paced lifestyle. Andy's Crunchicken originated from Cebu City with several profitable outlets in operation.


Andy’s Crunchicken started in the canteen business in Manila in 1986 with the founder Andy Caro. After he passed away, the family moved to Cebu City. Seeing a potential in the food industry in Cebu, the daughter ventured into canteens inside schools. After years of constant innovation, the famous crispy, tender chicken became well known as orders even from outside the school campus were booked for parties, thus the Andy’s Crunchicken was established. The first outlet was opened at Salinas Drive, Lahug in October 2003 initially intended as a take-out counter. Soon, the place got too small as dine-in customers started to come in. They opened other outlets at Capitol Site and in Talamban aside from the ones inside the schools. A year after, the management decided to offer the business for franchise after so many inquiries from interested entrepreneurs. Within months thereafter, 5 franchisees opened outlets scattered throughout Metro Cebu. This year, the company is undergoing it’s expansion plans as it transfers to a bigger commissary. The company decided to make all the company-owned branches into fast food chains that sells not only chicken but other gourmet over-the-counter food to tap a wider market.

Andy’s Crunchicken is a wholly Filipino-owned business now managed by Crunchee Food Chain Corp.


• Use of ANDY'S CRUNCHICKEN business name and trade mark
• Excellent product line
• Profitable business venture
• Low Franchise Fee
• Low Royalty
• Site selection assistance and evaluation
• Training and refresher training
• Pre-opening, Grand Opening, Post-Opening assistance
• Effective Field Service
• Marketing and promotional assistance
• On-going operational support
• Procurement Program
• Operational Manual


• Write LETTER OF INTENT and fill up the attached CONFIDENTIAL
QUESTIONNAIRE and fax to (032) 414-7957 or send to CRUNCHEE FOODCHAIN, Unit 7-B, Sky Rise Bldg., IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City 6000
• ANDY'S FOODCHAIN will evaluate your questionnaire.
• ANDY'S FOODCHAIN will invite you to discuss the Franchise details with you.
• Receive sample of Franchise Agreement
• Sign Memorandum of Agreement
• Inspection of location
• If location is approved, sign Franchise Agreement and pay Franchise Fee
• Set up the outlet and undergo Training
• Receive Pre-Opening Assistance
• Grand Opening


What is the difference between ANDY'S CRUNCHICKEN and other Chicken businesses?

ANDY'S CRUNCHICKEN prides itself to have the highest standards in quality and operation in the business. We use only quality chicken of a specific size from reputable suppliers.

To whom do you award Franchises?

To people with preferable a successful professional track record, not necessarily in the food business, with emphasis on people handling skills and management. Franchise should be motivated to succeed and be outgoing persons with entrepreneurial spirit. It is important that Franchisee accepts the pros and cons of Franchising, those that desire total control are not suitable to be franchisees.

Do you require hands-on Management from the Franchisee?

Franchisee should devote time to manage the franchised outlet.

How long will it take me to get the outlet open?

This depends on several variables; selecting a favorable location for your facility, completing training, renovation. Under favorable conditions though, you may be able to be in business in 45 days.

Where should my outlet be located?

on high traffic points, such as corners, streets with heavy traffic, jeepney stops, terminals, or near supermarkets and public markets or spaces inside Schools, Supermarkets and other public buildings.

What pre-opening services do you offer?

Prior to and upon opening, an ANDY'S CRUNCHICKEN representative will assist you with training personnel, ordering equipment and inventory, and arranging the Opening. ANDY'S CRUNCHICKEN has spent a great deal of time and effort developing its product and system and accepts no compromise in quality or service. For this reason we require Franchisee and staff to complete our training program.

Where do we purchase the chicken?

The Supply of chicken is coursed through our commissary which receives the pre-cut chicken and delivered to the branches together with the necessary ingredients. We are assured of high quality and continuous supply of chicken, as we are part of Magnolia's Food Service Division.