It all started out as a humble yet dream venture of Benjamin Garcia, a gentle worker who started out as kitchen helper in a Japanese restaurant many years earlier. Through honest work and perseverance to learn, his dedication eventually made him the restaurant’s head chief.

Chief Benjie’s dream evolved with his extensive learning of Asian culinary arts from his years of experience in preparing foods for various restaurants in Japan and Thailand. He utilized this learning to come up with RRK’s own unique menu, basically founded on the traditions of Japanese preparation and cooking.

The kitchen expertise of Chief Benjie finds valuable complement in his children: his equally-dynamic son; Joey has been the marketing genius behind the business development of Rai Rai Ken as its very young manager handling Operations. Benjie’s eldest child; Joanne Garcia-Dotullo steers Rai Rai Ken’s Finance department effectively with her firm leadership. And youngest; Jennylyn, shows promising performance in her contribution to the team as one of the internal heads.


Butterworld Bakeshop is the maker of the finest quality freshly baked products. These products are created by the finest bakers. Butterworld is committed to train and maintain the best talents.

Quality is maintained through its quality people using modern baking equipments in the cleanest environment. The products then pass through quality assurance and is 100% hands-free.

Butterworld wants to create awareness to its consumers to "Eat Healthy, Live Healthy" because Butterworld maintains products that are high in calcium, high in fiber, cakes that are low in fats and no preservatives


 1) NON-SEASONAL – studies show that an average Filipino consumes at least 10 pesos worth of load a day. Anytime and any day, you can expect sales to come
2) COMPLETE INVENTORY – sell all types of prepaid cards (network cards, internet cards, online-game cards, call cards, cable cards) all types of electronic loads (Globe Autoload, Smart Eload, Sun Expressload) , all types of Simpacks (Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, TnT) and Electronic Wallets
3) LONG TERM – as long as there is cellphones and computers in the
Philippines, you can expect that we will never be obsolete.
4) GET TWO BUSINESSES IN THE PRICE OF ONE - get an exclusive Distributorship account for Universal Prepaid Pinoy.

So what are you waiting for? FRANCHISE NOW!!



Andy's Crunchicken pampers customers with crispy, tender and juicy flavorful chicken with creamy gravy and Andy's sidings and desserts at very affordable price; the perfect solution of take-out food for today's fast-paced lifestyle. Andy's Crunchicken originated from Cebu City with several profitable outlets in operation.


Andy’s Crunchicken started in the canteen business in Manila in 1986 with the founder Andy Caro. After he passed away, the family moved to Cebu City. Seeing a potential in the food industry in Cebu, the daughter ventured into canteens inside schools. After years of constant innovation, the famous crispy, tender chicken became well known as orders even from outside the school campus were booked for parties, thus the Andy’s Crunchicken was established. The first outlet was opened at Salinas Drive, Lahug in October 2003 initially intended as a take-out counter. Soon, the place got too small as dine-in customers started to come in. They opened other outlets at Capitol Site and in Talamban aside from the ones inside the schools. A year after, the management decided to offer the business for franchise after so many inquiries from interested entrepreneurs. Within months thereafter, 5 franchisees opened outlets scattered throughout Metro Cebu. This year, the company is undergoing it’s expansion plans as it transfers to a bigger commissary. The company decided to make all the company-owned branches into fast food chains that sells not only chicken but other gourmet over-the-counter food to tap a wider market.



In 1994, after a stint overseas, Ms. Viola Imperial focused her energy into identifying a business that would enable her to stay in the Philippines rather than overseas.

Opportunity knocked through a business rights offered for a bankrupt beauty salon. With no second thoughts, she jumped into the business and “VIOLA BEAUTY GALORE” was opened.

She invested the amount of 300,000 pesos in renovating the ground floor of the building and in procuring initial salon equipments. The offerings were the typical services of other beauty salons and prices range from 50 to 120 pesos. The masses were the target clients of her salon. True enough, the first branch became successful. Another branch was again put up in 1995 to service more clients.



At Cerealicious, we try to unleash the kid in you! Or at least make you momentarily forget your age.

Whether you're in kindergarten, a teenager, a college student, a serious banker or even a doting grandmother, you will definitely get excited, even deliriously dizzy at the sight of our delightful array of 30+cereals, 40+ toppings and certainly memorable Cereal Blockbusters.

All these we give to you cereal lovers out there, with only the best and purest intentions at heart.

So read on, learn more about us because we are definitely bent on growing bigger and serving you even better!


Much has been done to make Malate Pensionne and its restaurants and bars truly world class. From its humble beginnings in 1974, Malate Pensionne and its restaurants and bars continue to evolve to achieve greater heights. The devotion in providing an excellent lodging and dining experience delivered with consistency is part of the corporate culture. Malate Pensionne, with the Gutierrez matriarch Rosie as its visionary, continues to spin its unique brand of homey and comforting ambiance, and is constantly recognized and recommended by international travel guidebooks. Chateau 1771, Portico, Glasshouse and Sidebar have likewise evolved into well-known brand names, each with its own unique identity. With the combination of meticulous restaurateur Ricky Gutierrez and renowned internationally trained Filipino chef Vicky Pacheco at the helm, the easy assimilation of foreign and local cuisine and styles became a tried and tested formula.


company profile

Save ‘N Earn Sales is Bohol’s pioneer and market leader in the telecoms business. From humble beginnings in 1994, it has grown into a Telecom distribution chain of 29 branches and franchised outlets located all over Bohol. Its product lines include cellular phones, accessories, prepaid cards, electronic load, dream satellite TV, satellite phones, cellphone repairs and services.

Save ‘N Earn’s aggressive and innovative marketing strategy has developed a vast network of dealers and agents in the province. It was appointed by Smart Communications, Inc. as its sole Smartload Distributor in the province of Bohol due to its extensive sales network and market penetration.

With its exclusive alliance with Airtouch, the premier cellphone repair and service provider in Vismin, Save ‘n Earn is the most advanced cellphone repair and service center in Bohol. Save ‘n Earn is the only Bohol based cellphone repairs and services center which offers a 90 day warranty for its repairs and services nationwide from Abra to Zamboanga.



Mr. QUICKIE, the Shoes and Bags Hospital was conceived by an entrepreneur named Emiliano R. Caruncho III in 1981. He is the oldest and the only male son of five girls of the former mayor of Pasig Mr. Emiliano Caruncho, Jr. Mr. Caruncho schooled in a number of schools during his early years, he likewise attended the Baguio Military Institute and went on to take his Masters in the Asian Institute of Management. In the family, there exists quite a number of ntrepreneurs. All the sisters of his mother, Mrs. Aurora Caruncho, were all entrepreneurs. They had business from mining, textiles to pawnshops. His father, on the other hand, initiated the family corporation Caruncho Construction Corporation.

Before his own venture into entrepreneurship, Mr. Caruncho worked for his father in the construction company as an employee. There he learned quickly the ropes related to construction and likewise gained experience in management.


PR Gaz Haus is positioning to be the Philippines’ leading LPG supplier with its continuously growing presence in this competitive and environmentally sensitive energy market. With its expanding network of LPG convenience stores, more and more homes and businesses rely on PR Gaz Haus for a variety of applications and fuel needs.

Since the oil industry was deregularized in 1998, the need for LPG has been growing steadily. In this light, PR Gaz Haus is also confidently moving into this new millennium as a successful, expanding and most importantly—a customer-focused business.

With continued business innovations, infrastructure development and customer service enhancement, PR Gaz Haus is paving the way to become the industry’s trailblazer.


Praise Music is your online source of what's up and what's new in the Philippine Christian music scene.



send it to:
2/F SySu Centre,
145 Panay Avenue Corner Sgt. Esquerra Street,
1103 Quezon City

OR fax to:
(02) 920-7522


RBX is a popular rice take-out company that originated in Manila’s Chinatown in 1999. The company serves different fried rice and rice topping varieties within the price range of P39 - P56. All these are packed in convenient take-out boxes served hot and ready for people on the go.

With its high quality food products and very affordable price, RBX became very popular to its continuously growing customer base. Now it has more than 75 branches in major malls and supermarkets around Metro Manila.


Started operations June of 2007. With a vision of capturing a big market share in the refreshment industry in Mindanao areas. However this vision led to plans for a nationwide expansion. With its first store located at 5/F Gaisano South Citimall in Davao, followed by two more stores in SM City Davao and at ground floor of Gaisano South Citimall,the business proved to be an income generating business which spark the idea of franchising to expand its present fleet of stores. With our innovative products, limited direct competitors, high market demands, attractive store presentation and faster R.O.I., franchisees are guaranteed of a highly profitable business.

CUP & STRAW sells delicious and affordable shakes with black sago, black gulaman or marshmallow as toppings for the shake. Our shake comes in 20 different flavors and available in two cup sizes, 12oz & 16 oz.


Brief History

NY FRIES & DIPS was pioneered by a young Filipino entrepreneur, who grew up and studied in Canada, and came back to open a business in Manila.

He thought of a unique business concept that will be love and patronize by the Filipinos. And because he loves to eat fries, he decided to revolutionize the potato business in the Philippines.

From the quality and thick cut size of our fries, to the oil that we use for frying and to the way NY FRIES & DIPS present its product, NY FRIES &  DIPS is indeed very unique in every way. Instead of using powdered and artificial flavorings, which also include MSG, he developed different kinds of dips that are made of natural ingredients. Our dips don’t just taste great, but it’s healthy too.


Franchising offers an excellent opportunity for individual to build on a business foundation already established and tested for economic viability.

There is no need have any specific industry -related experience to own a Padi’s Point Restaurant and Bar. Our franchise program provides training and on-going support designed to make implementing our system as easy as possible. We provide a performance-tested operating system that’s ready to go. Comprehensive on going assistance is provided in everything from site selection to food preparation, from staff training to customer service techniques to marketing.

Here are some common question and answers on our franchising program.


Franchising Home

7-Eleven is the leading convenience store chain in the Philippines for over 25 years, and became the country’s first franchisor in convenience retailing when we awarded our first franchisee in 1998.

Today, over 200 stores are operated by our Franchisees; entrepreneurs and business partners who are dedicated to giving 7-Eleven® customers what they want when they want it.

7-Eleven provides:
• a reliable, fresh assortment of high-quality products
• speedy transactions
• every day fair prices
• a clean, safe and friendly environment to shop.

7-Eleven provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business partners to operate their own convenience store with the leading name in the business. If you are a goal-oriented individual who wants to grow with a well-established retailer, we invite you to take a look at what the 7-Eleven franchise system has to offer.


Apart from the usual food presentations of multinational food company copycats, Mang Inasal endeavors to adhere to elements that bear a distinctively Pinoy stamp-grilling with charcoal, rice wrapped in banana leaves, a marinade concocted out of local spices and herbs, bamboo sticks for skewers, and the ambience that encourages kinamot (the Ilonggo term in eating with the hands) whenever chicken inasal is served. All these evoke a rush of nostalgia for tradition, culture, and most of all, Home.

Mang Inasal is proud to do its share in alleviating the unemployment burden of the country.
It is effectively stimulating economic activities in communities where branches are situated. Local suppliers of calamansi, charcoal, banana leaves, sorbeteros, vegetables, fish, bamboo sticks, and other ingredients, as well as LGU’s, trisikad (pedicab) drivers, and a host of other enterprises are benefited by the presence of Mang Inasal in their area.


In a society that has grown obsessed with beauty and age retardation, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal has achieved iconic stature. Up close and personal, however, the beautiful doctor has an amazingly modest take on her success, looking at Clinica Dermatologica’s (and YSA Skin Care Center) large chain of outlets as simply her way of propagating healthy, young-looking skin among beauty conscious Filipinos through skin care treatments and products that she has formulated herself.

Although beauty centers have mushroomed all over the metropolis. Nazal’s Clinica Dermatologica and YSA Skin Care Center outlets stand out for their expert service. It is one place, after all, where treatments are under the strict supervision of qualified dermatologists and surgeons...




?Estimated Investment: Php 260,000.00
?Floor Area Requirement: 4 - 6 sqm
? Used for indoor spaces (ex. malls/office buildings)
Showcases normally used for this type of set up normally includes a signage with stainless steel posts. Donut tray capacity ranges from about 9 to 15. It is an option to add a Side Cabinet/ Drink Stand depending on the products being carried by the shop. Booth-type shops, because of their small size usually offer limited choices in food variety and drinks.


?Estimated Investment: Php 350,000.00
?Floor Area Requirement: 4 - 9 sqm
?Used for outdoor spaces (usually independent)
Showcases normally used for this type of set up are of the same size capacity as that of for booths. The size of the signage for these types of spaces are dependent on the size of the frontage of the shop and the area. Most of these outlets already carry refreshments as part of their menu. It is an option to have Side Cabinets and a Backbar depending on the size of the space and product line. Take-out shops, as the same with Booth-type shops, because of their small size usually offer limited choices in food variety and drinks.


faqs - product information

What do I do if I cannot find my favorite Häagen-Dazs® product?
Why can't I find Häagen-Dazs® light ice cream in stores any more?
Are your products Kosher?
Do you make low fat or nonfat products?
Do you have more nutrition information?

What do I do if I cannot find my favorite Häagen-Dazs® product?
Häagen-Dazs® would like to have all locations carry our entire product line. Unfortunately, this
isn't always the case and we recommend your expressing interest in purchasing a particular
Häagen-Dazs® product to your local store or restaurant manager.


King-Size Opportunities

"Put up your own Congo Grille outlet and explore the jungle!'

Franchisees are important role-players
in any business that aspires to grow and remain successful. And for CONGO GRILLE to reach this momentous goal, it needs people who will actively take part in this highly competitive and exciting world of restaurant operations. Being part of our organization is more than just acting as manager or owner of the CONGO GRILLE franchise – you are most importantly regarded as a partner in our FAMILY. And by grabbing the opportunity of being one of the staunch supporters of what CONGO GRILLE has and can offer to you and to the rest of the world, you become one of our solid foundations – a partner that belongs to one GREAT TEAM, and one SOLID CONGO GRILLE FAMILY.


The story of JRP from 1920's to today

John Robert Powers founded the modern day billion dollar modeling industry. From his many writings and published books, Powers created the curriculum that is at the core of the personality development, executive skills, modeling, acting and other courses offered at the worldwide network of John Robert Powers Schools.

Powers believed that there is no such thing as an unattractive person, just some people who don't know how to make the most of themselves. He dedicated his life to helping people develop and take advantage of their personalities.


Why Fruit Magic?

World wide business trend surveys identified this category as among the top viable franchise fields...
Be a part of it!

At Fruit Magic, we are committed to promoting the total well-being of people by providing sound options to those who are in search of a healthy lifestyle. We wish to develop the general public’s awareness and appreciation for a fit and healthy way of living. We constantly strive to uphold health and wellness through unrelenting dedication to quality and excellent customer service.

The Fruit Magic Franchise

We have developed an upper-scale brand, an outstanding product line and an efficient operating system that guarantees business success to its franchisees. As people nowadays are becoming reverent to health, beauty and wellness, and are becoming more concerned about how they look, the demand for more nutritious alternatives to wellness-stripping fast food chains is rapidly increasing. Fruit Magic fills this need for natural products with its nutritious and delicious fruit concoctions.



Franchise Marketing Campaign of the Year Franchise Excellence Awards 2005

A business venture that comes with a big support package that will relive the original Bayo success! It will be a successful partnership that will fuse together your talents with our experience and knowledge.


Excellent Apparel Mix
It is only Bayo that can provide you an extensive collection of uniquely designed, tasteful and reasonably priced apparel for women.

Customer Delight is our Business
It is BAYO’s goal to always give delight to our customers. We continue to innovate, to be dynamically in tune with the latest fashion and to be in harmony with the changing tastes of our customers. As a BAYO franchisee, you will benefit from the customer loyalty BAYO has harnessed through the years.


Who We Are

Founded in 1978, the SEAOIL Group of Companies was engaged in offering storage facilities for petroleum and petrochemical based products. Soon after, it rapidly expanded its operations by carving a niche in the wholesale petroleum market. A decade later, the company partnered with Paramins, at that time one of the world's leading lubricant additive supplier, endowing its Research and Development Team the ability to develop the most advance lubricants in the market, an endeavor it continues to do today.

In 1996 in anticipation of the oil market deregulation, SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. was established, eventually becoming the first independent fuel player to open a retail station. Today, the SEAOIL Group of Companies employs over 600 highly motivated and skilled personnel and constitutes over 4% of the country's annual downstream oil industry.


Welcome to the SUBWAY® brand in the Philippines.

With more than 32,000 locations in 90 countries, the SUBWAY® brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise, and has become a leader in the international development of the quick service restaurant industry.

SUBWAY® restaurants first ventured outside North America when the first location opened in the small Middle Eastern island nation of Bahrain in December of 1984. Since then, the SUBWAY® concept has gone around the world, with restaurants opening from Argentina to Zambia.

Wherever SUBWAY® restaurants are located, the core menu stays relatively the same — with the exception of some cultural and religious variations. World travelers can expect the same high quality of ingredients regardless of what nation they are visiting. You can enjoy a footlong Turkey Breast Sub, with your choice of a variety of vegetables and condiments served on bread baked right in the restaurant in Jamaica, then travel to New Zealand and get the same footlong Turkey Breast Sub!


Ten Pesos (Php 10.00) in 1945 of Teodorico “Ted” Lepura started in business concept that outlived him and became the pride of Iloilo – the famous TED'S OLDTIMER LA PAZ BATCHOY. This humble beginning of the business was not deterrent to its growth but became its cutting edge.

Ted Lepura started making batchoy in the 1930's as a teenager. During those times he worked odd jobs just to make ends meet. The son of a poor peasant, he worked with different chinese merchants where he discovered his culinary potential. With a working knowledge on making La Paz Batchoy from his work with a Chinese Merchant, he started to innovate and adjust the dish. That simple innovation was the basis of what became of the Lapaz Batchoy that we know today. Back then, Ted became a peddler of just about anything including his Lapaz Batchoy which he noticed is gaining loyal patrons. That response gave him an idea. So after the war, in 1945 and with his savings of Php 10.00, he opened his first 5x5 small stall in the public market of La Paz , Iloilo . The first stall was simply made of nipa and bamboo and husband and wife team did all the work with assistance of their children.


Main Office - Franchising

2/F BPI Building
450 UN Avenue cor MH DelPilar St.
Ermita Manila
Contact Nos. (632) 525-2895 /
Telefax: 525-0986


Join the family of Caltex retailers who are backed by the power of one of the largest energy companies in the world, Chevron Corporation.

We invite you to explore the exciting opportunity of investing in the future by meeting the energy needs of today. Energy is one of the most exciting and important industries today and will be in the future. With the premium Caltex™ brand and the global backing of Chevron you can be part of this industry.

Caltex for Investors

Winning Partnership

We're committed to being an outstanding business partner. We'll provide professional support to assist you in making your business successful.



"You're never fully dressed without a smile," is a song line from a well-loved musical that encapsulates the importance of accessories and accessorizing – be it a smile or a piece of jewelry - in today's fashion world.

No one understands this dictum better than Pinkbox, a retail company established in 2002 that has since grown into one of the major players in the country's fashion accessories industry today.

Pinkbox is the result of one woman's vision to give the discriminating Filipino consumer a line of trendy, unique, well-made, and affordable fashion and costume accessories that were comparable to international brands. The company set out to offer a wide range of products – from hair accessories to personalized fashion accents – at price points that are within everybody's budget.


Pan de Pidro, Bringing Back the Good Times

The soothing aroma of home-baked bread wafting through the breeze was the ambience that Gillie and Peter, a.k.a. ‘Pidro’ both woke up to in their childhood years, growing up in their home communities.

The “pot-pot” horn of the magtitinapay (bread vendor) announcing his arrival, with his bicycle’s round aluminum bread ‘tambiolo’ (upright bread basket) filled with layer upon layer of daintily prepared goodies: the ‘kababayan’ muffin, the margarine-butter and sugar- laced ‘ensaymada’, and, oh yes,the lightly-salted ‘pan de sal’, all waiting to be dunked in ‘tatay’s (dad’s) piping hot ‘kape’t gatas’ (café latte) or ‘lolo’s (grand-dad’s) ‘tsokolate’ (hot coco)! What a tasty way indeed to start the morning!


Kamiseta is the leading specialty retailer of fashionable casual apparel, accessories and footwear targeted at girls between the ages 16 and 34. The Kamiseta brand is hip, youthful and active. Kamiseta has been rapidly increasing its influence and popularity with its core customer group. "It's fun being a girl" -- This is our driving formula for the brand. Cool casual classics or what we call the "Triple C" has been envisioned for every item that carries the Kamiseta label. Kamiseta's success is driven by a powerful combination of extensive product development, fashion right merchandise, exciting brand imaging, affordable prices and friendly service. The Kamiseta lifestyle is truly what girls are all about.


Business Opportunities

MINISTOP franchising business objectives
. To develop and establish systems and RCSI infrastructures to support the rapid growth of stores and needs of franchisees
. To continuously develop systems and procedures to make store operations simple and more efficient.

merits of MINISTOP franchise system
. Small capitalization required
. Independent entrepreneurial management
. Business experience not necessary
. Full Franchiser's support thru training programs, advanced business systems, distribution center and store operation guidance
. MINISTOP assists by investing key equipment and operating cost.


You've just taken the first step toward educating yourself on the RCC Amazing Touch, the business concept and franchise opportunity.

The RCC Amazing Touch Int'l Inc. is built on the belief that our company and its dedicated Franchisees can improve people's lives by helping them look better, feel better and enhance their overall well being through the technology of non-surgical treatment therapies.

You can be a part of this vision! The RCC Amazing Touch Int'l Inc. is committed to success of it's individual franchisees. When you join the RCC Amazing Touch family, you get more than our name. RCC Amazing Touch provides you with the support of its highly qualified and experienced staff during the development of your RCC Amazing Touch and through its day -to-day operation.


What Is FERNegosyo?

FERN, Inc. is a no-frills company that believes in a very simple concept: improving health through supplementation of FERN-C while creating opportunities by sharing the product.

This philosophy has made possible the access to FERN-C of thousands of ordinary individuals. Now a vast portion of the market is reaping the benefits of a healthy body and at the same time, earning from our generous business plan.


Types of Franchise Packages Available in the Philippines

1. Unit Franchise Agreement (UFA) Package 1 – Cart/Kiosk

· Ideal floor size: 4 sqm
· Franchise Package: P600,000.00 plus VAT
o Franchise Fee of P300,000.00 plus VAT
o Capital Investments: P300,000.00 plus VAT
· Ideal Locations: Malls, Supermarkets, Bus Terminals, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Airports/Ports, Schools

2. Unit Franchise Agreement (UFA) Package 2 – Built-up Store

· Ideal floor size: 10-35 sqm
· Franchise Fee of P500,000.00 (exclusive of VAT)
· Capital Investments: P650,000.00-P1,500,000.00
· Ideal Locations: Malls, Supermarkets, Bus Terminals, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Airports/Ports, Schools


San Mig Burger Grille
(Kiosk offering freshly prepared, hot and grilled food items health-conscious discrimate foodies)


Area size
At least 30 sq.m.

Commercial and Business Districts


Smokey’s Station
(Expanded Kiosk Outlet for Smokey’s offering more products and a dining area)


Area size
At least 30 sq.m.

Commercial and Business Districts


San Mig Cafe

(Full Service Showcase Restaurant / Additional Services: Catering Services and Training Food Packages) Requirements

Area size
Minimum of 130 sq.m.

Malls, high end hospitals, commercial areas


Purefoods Tender Juicy Fun Factory
(Hotdogs on sticks, hotdog sandwiches)


Area size
At least 3X2 sq. m.

Schools, malls or other high traffic areas


Smokey’s Hotdog
(Hotdog sandwiches) Requirements

Area size
At least 2X3 sq.m.

Call centers, offices, malls, schools, hospitals, movie houses or other high traffic areas

Target market
A, B & Upper C market, teens, yuppies, young adults


Who says you need millions to get into the oil business? You can be an OILGIANT dealer for as low as P100,000 – INCLUDING EQUIPMENT! Compare that to our competitors who charge millions in franchise and construction fees!

Be an Oil Giant Now!

How does it work?

Look for companies that use fuel and offer to install a “Filling Station” right on their compound. Oilgiant will deliver fuel to your clients on your behalf! You will be able to offer fuel at a lower price compared to conventional gas stations! We guarantee that you will make more money per liter than a franchise holder of a conventional gas station who spent millions for construction and franchise fees. You don’t need any employees at the filling station because your client operates it themselves ! You don’t neeed to construct anything because our system is “Plug and Play” – we’ll install in a few hours and your client can operate it the very next day!


Business Opportunities

Franchise of Stations

Retail Service Station Franchise Concept

It was in 1997 when the orange and blue logo of Unioil as first flashed during the inauguration of Unioil's maiden station along Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Parañaque. Since then, Unioil has slowly but surely emerged as a formidable industry player establishing service station in various areas. By 2003, Unioil’s retail network reached Mindanao with its first station located at Ecoland, Davao City.

We seek individuals who are customer service and relationship-oriented; who display maturity and stability; who possess high personal standards; and who meet the initial investment requirements.

Unioil requires its franchisees to participate in the day-to-day activities of owning, operating and maintaining a Unioil Service Station on a full-time basis. The people we thus seek should also be able to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenges that may arise.


Franchise Information

For 16 years, Potato Corner has been the leader in the food cart/ kiosk/ counter-type business in the Philippines. Aside from the popular flavored French Fries , we also offer other delectable products such as baked potatoes, hash browns and loopy fries.

The company, Cinco Corporation, launched its operations in the Philippines in 1992. After three months, its Franchise operations began. By 1994, Potato Corner grew to having 70 outlets - a combination of carts, kiosk, and counters.

Potato Corner managed to weather 1998's Asian economic crisis. Boastfully, it is on its track in its planned hyper-growth year by targeting to increase its revenues by 100% versus last year. At present , Potato Corner has 170 outlets and continues to grow.


Franchise Partners Wanted!

3M Pizza Pie seeks only committed entrepreneurs as partners in achieving our franchising goals. We are aggressively looking for franchisees who can grow with us. Specifically we prefer highly motivated entrepreneurs who:

• believe in our brand, our vision and mission
• are able to commit to the business full time
• are willing to learn and follow our franchise system
• are people and customer service-oriented
• are driven to succeed and grow with us
• are honest, responsible and hardworking
• full-time commitment and willingness to run a rigorous food business on a day-to-day basis
• has management background and business track record


The Ultimate Franchise!

HOTSHOTS offers a turn-key franchise which includes the following:

1. Use of Name & Trademark
2. Architectural Design & Construction of the Franchised Facility
3. Equipment and Furniture
4. Signages and Menuboard
5. Licenses, Insurance and Permits
6. Operations Manual
7. Training of Management and Crew
8. Access to the Central Commissary
9. Initial Inventory
10. Grand Opening Assistance
11. Regular Visits & Assistance from Field Supervisors
12. Franchise Fee



Our Franchise Opportunity

You can now possibly have your own training center and help students be employed.

If you're interested in obtaining a franchise of CCA, read on.

First off though, allow us to provide you with a brief background of the BPO and ICT Industry.

The BPO and ICT Industry is known as the “Sunrise Industry” of the country, due to the fact that this industry has brought in millions of dollars in investment from foreign companies, while creating several thousand jobs in the process. The industry has greatly led to the development of the country, having increased employment opportunities in areas outside of Metro Manila: Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Negros, and Ilo-ilo, which is why the demand for people in the industry has been steadily increasing by 30% every year, seen to grow even higher in the next ten years. In fact, the overall Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is projected to need around 207,000 people by 2005. With around 30 call centers registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority in 2004, and with each of the call centers looking to hire, the industry has a lot of seats to fill. Yet, despite the 400,000 people who graduate yearly, this supply is hardly met mainly due to applicants not having the necessary skills required to effectively work in the industry. As such, despite the yearly churn out of hundreds of thousands of hopeful graduates, the industry-wide average passing rate is around 2 to 5 percent. For every 100 applicants, only 2 to 5 people are qualified for the job. Alarmingly, this passing rate is steadily decreasing every year.

Clearly, our current supply of people cannot fulfill the demand, which is why the Call Center Academy was set up.

CCA has constantly seen to equipping students with the skills necessary to succeed in the Call Center Industry. Yet despite the aggressive stance of CCA, the industry needs more well-equipped graduates, which is why CCA is pursuing the franchise track, to expand its operations (particularly outside of Metro Manila) and to churn out more graduates to meet the demand in areas such as Cebu, Davao and Ilo-ilo.

The Call Center Academy is an opportunity for you to alleviate the burdensome employment crisis in the country. By partnering with CCA as a franchisee, you are in a position to contribute to the economic and national development (especially in areas beyond Metro Manila), while being compensated financially.

If you are interested in helping in the growth and development of both CCA and the country, do give us a call at 890-4993 and we shall be glad to assist you. If you wish to know more, kindly send us an email at or


Monty's seeks to be an extension of the Monterey Meatshop by offering COOKED FORMATS of select Meatshop marinated products fresh and on-site, while at the same time, aiding in building solid brand awareness and personality for the MONTEREY brand. It's key features include:

v Stock freshness

v Customer convenience

v Competitive pricing

v Continuous product innovation
& application

v Strict adherence to food-safety


How We Began

Monterey Foods Corporation (formerly Monterey Farms Corporation) began in 1969 with a 1,200-hectare cattle ranch in Isabela. In 1980, it became a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation, the Philippines' largest food and beverage conglomerate. Today, it is the country's largest hog and cattle operation, with the latest technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing and meat processing.

Monterey meat products are now part of everyday Filipino life. With its "farm to market" concept, the Filipino consumer is assured of quality meats for every meal.

How We Reach Our Consumers

Monterey's commitment to total quality extends from its farm to countrywide distribution network. Its quality meat products are delivered by refrigerated Monterey trucks and are available in a variety of Monterey outlets namely Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops, supermarket and Monterey Satellite Outlets. There are already more than 300 outlets operating nationwide.


Netopia has a developed and tested Internet Café system offered to potential investors via franchising. Under a franchising agreement, Netopia helps prospective franchisees evaluate the economic feasibility of chosen location for the branch, builds the branch on a turnkey and supports the franchisee with proprietary systems and management and technical skills. To date, it has more than 70 franchised stores nationwide.

NETOPIA LAUDED AT FRANCHISE AWARDS. Entrepreneur Philippines awarded Netopia Internet Café three major awards including the Best Local Franchise, the Fastest Growing Franchise and the Most Promising Franchise Awards during the Entrepreneur Philippines Franchise Awards 2008 held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Accepting the awards are Netopia president George H. Tan (center), Netopia chief operation officer Jose Maria A. Grau (left) and Netopia franchise and branch development manager Jack Christian L. Coson.



You can take advantage of RHC brand name that has been recognized in all parts of the country including some Filipino communities abroad. Since it’s founding in January 2001, RHC has created loyal customers and translated them into a strong franchising empire.


You can easily expand your business in your chosen location with our best deal ever! We’re giving you a chance to own and operate two (2) salon outlets at the price of ONE!

Franchise Fee – Php 450,000.00
(Reyes Haircutters Full branch plus Reyes Haircutters Express Company Name)

Franchise Terms – Five (5) Years
(renewable after five years)

Royalty Fee

Five (5%) percent Service Fee
Five (5%) percent Marketing Fund
Minimum area for RHC Full branch: 80-100 sq meters
Minimum area for RHC Express branch: 40-50 sq meters
(RHC Express must be maximum 2 km away from the RHC Full branch)


You can have a comprehensive operations manual to help you run your business effectively, efficiently and professional which in turn will give you a significant profit gain. RHC Management system enables you to give better service to your customers and give integrity to your organization.


You can benefit from our complete line of excellent service next to none in an ambience enjoy by the elite and the middle class all in highly affordable prices.


We make things easy for you by providing your staff with both classroom and hands-on training on haircutting, hair coloring, nail grooming, massage and facial. The Reyes International School of Cosmetology has designed updated modular trainings on salon services and personal care.


Our RHC Supply Center serves as the main supplier of your salon needs. Because we understand you, we make it sure that you can benefit from bulk purchases without excess in quantity.


No salon is to be left behind. Our Quality Management Team visits your salon on a regular basis to ensure that your salon operations run smoothly.


We don’t want you to do the bulk of the marketing work. That means we do all the marketing and sales promotion relations. Our marketing team guarantees creative, innovative marketing campaigns to help generate the traffic you need.


3% for National/Advertising Fund
1% for Local Store Marketing Fund
1% for Charity Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a qualified franchisee?
A: Interested to start their own business using our brand and marketing leverage as RHC must be a Filipino citizen of legal age, passionate on beauty trends, customer service, and personal care, possesses a successful management track record and people skills, with unparalleled commitment to uphold industry standards and a willing partner of RHC in business.

Q: How much is the Franchise Fee? What are the inclusion?
A: Franchise Fee P 450,000 payable on or before the signing of the Franchise contract. The said fee is good for five (5) years and is non-refundable. Franchise fee will entitles the applicant to use the company name which is Reyes Haircutters, Salon System, salon design, staff's training / evaluation, computer system and RHC Express.

Q: How much is the total investment?
A: Total investment could cost one Franchise Applicant at about P 1.7-2.4 Million depending on the total set-up that an applicant would like to put in their salon. The said projected investment is inclusive of initial supplies of stocks that are good for 1 month operation, equipments, site development and the Franchise Fee.

Q: What are the criteria in choosing a site?
A: We maintain a minimum of 80-100sqm. Floor area located in high-traffic commercial or residential areas that are accessible o both pedestrians and motorist as a requirement. You chose a site initially, which is subjected to approval by Reyes Haircutters Head Office.

Q: What is the term of franchise contract?
A: The contract is valid for (5) years and is renewable for two (2) terms.

Q: Where do you purchase supplies and equipment?
A: RHC Supply Center will provide all the supplies and equipment for every Reyes Haircutters Salon.

Q: Who should do the construction?
A: Reyes Haircutters will provide the salon an interior design through official project engineer. The salon shall be constructed at a cost affordable to the financial capacity of the franchisee.

Q: What about the training and operating system?
A: To maintain the best standard that we’ve created over the years, we require franchisees to go through a training program that can enable your sore to operate in accordance with the uniform standard set by Reyes Haircutters.

Q: Who will provide the staff?
A: Franchisee will hire their staff fron the area wherein they will set-up their salon. Franchisee can send as much 12 staff for training at our own training center, the Reyes School of Cosmetology (RISC).

Q: How long is the return investment (ROI)?
A: The projected return of investment is 1-2 years period that is largerly depends on the location status and the quality of staff employed by the franchisee.

Q: What additional fees do you pay?
A: A Franchisee pays Five (5) percent service fee and five (5%) percent on marketing fund on gross sales.

Q: What are the requirements of applying a RHC Franchise?
A: Those interested franchise applicants may send their Letter of intent addressed to the Franchise Supervisor, Mr. Jayson N. Vallejos and can be Fax Tel no: 727-9606. The letter of intent should contain the address and contact number of the applicant together with attachments of the proposed sites with its corresponding vicinity maps and address to be reviewed by our screening committee.


Reyes Hair Company International, Inc
E. Rodriguez corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Tel. No: 725-0584 loc. 18 Fax No: 727-9606
E-mail Address:


Bruno's Barbers Franchise Application - As of January 2008

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the application procedures and requirements?

Franchise applicants are required to submit a letter of intent including information on the proposed site and its location map addressed to:

Bruno’s Services Corporation (BSC)
Unit 209 Amberland Plaza
Julia Vargas Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

It is important to indicate the applicant’s complete contact details in this letter. Franchise applicants will also be required to complete an information sheet upon BSC’s notice. Other documents will later be requested by BSC depending on the status of the application.

2. What is the minimum area for the shop?

Depending on the location and floor lay-out, the area required for a barber shop is 50 to 100 square meters with ample parking and provision for a visible signage.

3. Does BSC provide possible locations or does the franchise applicant look for the site?

The franchise applicant has to look for a prospective location and BSC evaluates the proposed site upon receipt of the applicant’s letter of intent. The applicant will be advised if the site is suitable or not for Bruno’s Barbers.

4. How much is the franchise fee? What does the franchise package include? What is the term of the franchise?

Presently, the franchise fee is five hundred fifty thousand pesos (PhP550,000.00) for a five (5) year term. Upon its expiration, the term may be renewed upon agreement of BSC and the franchisee. This fee includes:

Use of the Bruno’s Barbers name and trademark
Use of the Bruno’s Barbers system
Screening and training of staff
Start-up assistance
Construction assistance

5. How much capital will be required to open a Bruno’s Barbers shop?

The capitalization for one Bruno’s Barbers barber shop is between three million eight hundred pesos (PhP3,800,000.00) and four million five hundred thousand pesos (PhP4,500,000.00) depending on the size and location, inclusive of the above mentioned franchise fee. Capitalization includes:

Leasehold improvement
Construction/design management fee
Advance rental/security deposits
Licenses and permits
Equipment (including barber chairs)
Service and maintenance apparatus
Furniture and fixtures
Initial stock of service and office supplies
Staff requirements
Pre-opening marketing materials

6. How much is the royalty fee?

Royalty fee is ten percent (10%) of the gross sales.

7. What is the projected payback period of the total investment? What is the return on investment (ROI)?

The return on investment varies depending on the location, volume of sales, implementation of management controls, rental and other operating costs. Various possibilities on returns will be discussed at a certain stage of the application.

8. Who shoulders advertising fees?

Partial costs are shouldered by the franchisee for advertising deemed necessary by Bruno’s Services Corporation during the term of the franchise. Franchisees may opt to have additional advertising only with prior approval from BSC.

Main Office:
Unit 209 Amberland Plaza
Julia Vargas Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Philippines 1605

(632) 631-1405

(632) 637-2957




BERNABEST FOOD PRODUCTS INC., a business enterprise duly registered and organizedunder and by virtue of the laws of Republic of the Philippines with principal office at 72 Monserrat St., Morning Breeze Subdivision, Caloocan City.

It has been our mother’s special recipe for empanadas that she would lovingly prepare during family gatherings that gave birth to this kith and kin venture. Being food lovers, it has been the sense of duty of the Bernabe’s who are collectively managing the operations to serve only the best, the very main reason why BERNABEST (Bernabe + best) as the company name was conceived.

At this time, our main line of products consists of empanada (under the trade name Empanada Especiale), siomai (under the trade name Siomai House) and hotdogs (under the tradename Mac Hotdog). Our crusade to explore new and fresh ventures in the food and beverage industry, particularly in the fast food business are all in progress. Our main line have reached an extensive spectrum of satisfied patrons from the young and matured, from the upper strata of our society to middle class, notwithstanding their genders, they became regular consumers of our offering. By providing them with carts or kiosks in strategic places like schools, offices, shopping malls, hospitals and other commercial establishments, they get to enjoy and savor our mouth watering cuisine.

Our commitment in satisfying customers made us stick to a high quality and strict implementation of our standards, ensuring that our empanadas (Empanada Especiale) are made only with the choicest ingredients, and without any preservative and artificial flavors. In assuring that we only offer fresh foods to our customers, our empanadas are prepared and cooked daily, we never sell left-over. They also come with various fillings such as ham and cheese, chicken, and tuna to make them more exciting.

Siomai House has captured the hearts of our patrons because of its mouth-watering steamed pork and shrimp siomai, matched with our banana cum pandan flavored gulaman. Furthermore, our siomai is served with a uniquely concocted chili-garlic sauce that makes it more scrumptious. And last but not the least, our price really makes the difference, with a high quality product, most of our customers cannot help but awe in amazement as they pay for their orders. Needless to say, this is one product that sells well than “hotcakes”.

Another esteemed product among our line is Mac Hotdog, a no-nonsense hotdog that can stand side by side with the existing giants in terms of quality and taste. Coupled with the BERNABE’s painstaking quest for great tasting chow, this is in no doubt a sure winner. Mac Hotdog will soon be a household name since we will also place in the market various meat products for home consumption such as ham, bacon, “longganisa”, “embutido”, “tapa” and much much more. We will never cease to develop new, exciting and delightful products for our market.

We are knowledgeable that our products cannot be copyrighted nor patented, however, our edge over competition lies in the quality, taste, freshness, delightfulness and affordability of what we are offering.

It’s also a fact that we have spread throughout Metro Manila and neighboring provinces within Luzon, and we are already in the planning stage of reaching out as far as Visayas and Mindanao .


Good Day!! Thank you for your interest in our product. Unfortunately we are not accepting franchisees in all SM outlets. Below are the list of franchising details. In case you find it amenable to you, just submit to us the following requirements:

1. Letter of Intent

2. Location Map / Sketch Map

3. Location Pictures

4. Floor Plan (for Commercial Establishments)

5. Monthly Rental of the place

6. Resume of the applicant

For more inquiries, you can call us at 4476523 and look for Evitha Bernabe.


Ø Franchise fee is PhP 250,000.00 Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos non-refundable, which includes the basic designed booth, freezer, steamer, beverage dispenser, advertising signs and signage, two (2) sets of uniforms, free delivery 3x a week, and other provisions to conduct the business.

(Note: The fee is for the basic designed booth only, other requirements that may arise concerning booth design will be charged to the franchisee at cost).

Ø Franchise period covers three (3) years from the signing of the franchise agreement.

Ø Extension of franchise commence after the three (3) year franchise period with the consent of both parties – the franchisor and the franchisee

Ø Extension fee is PhP 50,000.00 Fifty Thousand Pesos per annum.

Ø Franchise location shall be provided for by the franchisee, he/she must submit to the franchisor his/her proposed location for evaluation and approval.

Ø The franchisee shall pay for all costs incidental to its business operations at the franchise location such as, but not limited to lease/rent cost, security deposits, CUSA, charges of water, electricity, garbage disposal, etc.

Ø In cases wherein the franchisee finds the franchise location not viable to continue its operation due to poor business, location is no longer tenantable and/or there are other reasons beyond the control of the franchisee. The franchisee may at his/her own expense transfer location with the approval of the franchisor.

Ø Damages to equipment due to negligence shall be charged to the account of the franchisee.

Ø Ordering of products should be done one day ahead and not later than 7:00pm.

Ø A 3 day training period on how to conduct food preparation, conduct in selling, sales reporting, inventory control and maintenance of equipment shall be provided for.

The franchisee must obtain, at his/her own expense, from Government authorities all necessary documents, clearances, permits and licenses for the operation of the business


1. Submit a Letter Of Intent with the following details:

• Address of the Proposed Location/ Establishment Name
• Sketch Map
• Floor Plan (If the proposed location is in a building)
• Monthly Rental
• Pictures of the Location (optional)


2. Submit an Updated resume

3. When the above requirements are submitted, the proposed location will be scheduled for an ocular inspection. You will be informed about the results.

4. If passed – secure a DTI permit and 2 government IDs.

If declined – look for another location and go back to Step 1.

5. Settle the Franchise Payment

After the payment has been made, the applicant will be scheduled for the booth ingress.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Franchise Agreement grants to the franchisee the right to operate a specific Siomai House, at a single address, for a period of 3 years. These rights include the use of Siomai House trade name and trademarks, proprietary products, store design, signage, and use of Siomai House methods of operation.

In return the franchisee agrees to operate the business in accordance with the Siomai House established standards of quality, service, cleanliness and customer service. The franchisee is expected to do his utmost best to operate his store to achieve the fullest potential of the store in terms of profitability and customer delight.

A: Siomai House looks for a franchisee applicant with the following characteristics:

1. Highly motivated and shares the same values as Siomai House in terms of commitment to quality and service.
2. Dedicated to running the business on a full time basis, not as an investor but as a hands-on operator (owner / manager)
3. Financially capable of meeting the financial requirements.
4. With an entrepreneurial drive willing to take calculated risks, and with the strong desire to succeed.
5. With business management skills preferably with food or retail experience.
6. Very good interpersonal relationship skills.
7. Willing to operate within the Siomai House system.

A: The franchise fee, which is paid upon the signing of the franchise agreement, is for the rights to use the franchisor’s trademark and business system as well as for the activities at the start of the franchise agreement such as site evaluation, assistance in recruitment and training for the initial store team.

Franchise fee for the standard outlet is P 250, 000.00.

The franchise fee includes the following:

1. Food cart and all the equipments that will be needed in the operation
2. Two sets of uniforms for the sales crew
3. Free delivery, 3x a week

A: Investment costs will vary depending on the size of the store, the location, type of store and several other factors.

Investment cost for a standard Siomai House Booth is estimated at P 300,000 to 400,000.

Investment cost will cover the following:

1. Franchise fee
2. Lease hold improvements
3. Operating equipment
4. Security bond
5. Store launching activities

A: No, Bernabest does not provide financing.

A: The franchise term is for three (3) years.

A: Siomai House will provide training for the crew who must all successfully complete the Store Operations Training Program.

The training for the initial batch of hires will be free of charge but all succeeding training for new employees will be charged.

Training excludes salaries, meal, transportation, lodging cost of the employees and out of pocket expenses of trainers for training activities conducted outside of Metro Manila.

The Franchisee’s Managing Director and store crew will also be required to attend trainings during the duration of the franchise term to upgrade their skills.

A Siomai House Operations Manual will also be provided for reference purposes and will be updated as needed.

A: Siomai House will assist the franchise in the recruitment of its team free of charge for the initial store team but recruitment cost will be charged for succeeding hires.

The store personnel will be directly hired by the franchisee and will be responsible for their salaries and benefits.

A: When you apply for a Siomai House franchise, you may propose a site location but it will be subject to site assessment and analysis.

A: Standard store requires 2x2 Square Meters

A: Yes, there is a standard Siomai House store design, lay-out, equipment and facilities requirements for each type of store.

A: On going support includes regular in-store visits to help you identify areas of improvement, assistance in the development of marketing and customer relations programs and activities, new operating procedures, and much more.

A: Although the brand name of Siomai House is a strong sales inducing factor, the amount of money a franchisee can expect to make will greatly depend on the ability of the franchisee to manage the business, drive sales volume and control operating costs.

Bernabest Food Products Inc.
118 D Arellano St., Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City
Tel. 363-0226; 447-65-23
Tel/Fax. 362-1902


1. Our franchise package is Php 185,000.00 which includes
1 food cart with signage
1 mini side table
1 microwave oven
1 stainless gulaman container
1 heavy duty rice cooker
Initial food supplies
Initial food service equipments
2 sets of Crew Uniform
Pre-opening Assistance
Training of Service Crew
Training of Franchisee

2. Our initial franchisee requirements:
a. letter of intent

b. Personal Profile or Resume

d. Location Map (if any)

Moreover to process your franchise application please complete the abovementioned requirments or should you have further questions please
do not heistate to call us up at (02)3596324 / 0915-9670462 or look for ms. jenzen .
Visit our website at




The Franchise is designed for high-yielding success that is anchored on our reputable brand and image. A total support package awaits franchisees, providing them the tools and guidance to run a franchise smoothly.

Use of name, trademark and proven system
Pre-opening and opening assistance
Equipment, fixtures and facilities
Architectural design & construction
Detailed franchise operations manual
Classroom and hands-on training
Site evaluation and selection assistance
Marketing and promotional support
Grand opening assistance
Initial inventory good for one month
Access to commissary supplies and products
Continuing support and development
Regular field visits and communication


We are looking for the right partner with a background in managing a business, a strong motivation to succeed and a commitment to professionally run the business full time, working within the franchise system and quality standards.

Site Criteria

We require a maximum floor area of 100 sq.m. located in malls or high foot-traffic commercial areas outside malls such as university or school zones, office buildings and free standing locations.

Franchising ROAD MAP

LOI - Letter of Intent

PQF - Pre-Qualification Form

SE - Site Evaluation

Deliberation and Approval

Verification Period

SDA - Site Deposit Agreement

MOA - Memorandum of

FA - Signing of Franchise

Payment of Franchise Fee
See: franchising inquiry form

The secret to the Brothers’ immense success is simple: they focus on the classic comfort food formula – flame broil it; serve it fast and fresh; and give the burger a touch of gourmet.

Contact Person
Ms. Rachel O. Pineda
Tel. no.: (632) 891-1784
Help us Satisfy the Franchising Urge today! click here for franchising inquiry form.



Head Office:
Unit 2 & 3 V&O Building - Don Bosco Street,
Pasong Tamo, Makati City, Philippines 1202
Phone : (632) 891-1784
Fax no: (632) 815-0736

For Franchising:
Ms. Rachel O. Pineda
Tel. no.: (632) 891-1784

For Marketing & Catering:
Ms. Neren Mangabat
Tel. no.: (632) 815-0732


SHAKEY'S Business is a GREAT Business!

Shakey’s shares its opportunities with the right partners who trust in the Shakey’s name. We have grown to 100 stores nationwide and still growing!

+ Proven brand and track record for more than 32+ years with attractive store design.
+ Low investment cost, great margins, one of the best
Return-On-Investment (ROI) rate.
+ Fantastic growth opportunities.
+ Wide array of the well-loved products.
+ A committed team who has the vision of making the company
“The Leading and Preferred Pizza Restaurant in the Philippines”.


Discover the World of Shakeys. A world teeming with opportunities for businessmen, entrepreneurs, visionaries and big thinkers. We challenge you to be part of the Family which has a proven record for business excellence. A Saga of Success…

30 years of Market Dominance
Close to a hundred restaurants nationwide owned and operated by the company and by different franchisees. It has remained a strong force in the pizza market and has been among the top three pizza chains in the country since it’s inception.

Nationwide Store System
Easy to operate with simplified operations systems. Integrated Point-of-Sale and Inventory Systems. #1 Delivery System in Metro Manila. Investors have been attracted to the business because of its low capital investment resulting to quick and high-yielding returns. Expertise, unwavering support and an exciting blueprint for growth and success are just some of the reasons that sets itself apart from other franchise opportunities. Be Our Partner for Growth and Expansion!

As part of the family, our resources are at your disposal and these include:
+ Strategic planning and site selection.
+ Marketing and advertising services.
+ Standardized financial systems.
+ Centralized Purchasing and Distribution.
+ Operations standards, systems and support.
+ Human resources training and development.
+ Research and Development/Quality assurance.
+ Design, construction, and technical support.

Our partnership will be built on our commitment to give Service Excellence through innovations on products, systems and people so that we deliver only the best to our customers.

The financial requirement for a franchising restaurant ranges from P8M to P10M depending on store size, location and other factors (but does not include site acquisition cost).

The investment will be for the:
+ Construction of the restaurant (interiors and exteriors).
+ Purchase and installation of kitchen equipment, furniture and fixtures.
+ Pre-operating expenses.
+ Franchise Fee.

* The Franchise grant is for a ten (10) year period applicable to a specific location only with an option to renew for another five (5) years based on mutual agreements.

Upon receipt of the letter of intent, an application form will be provided to the Franchise Applicant who then undergoes a three phased application process:
+ The Screening
+ The Validation
+ Final Review



As Vienna Kaffeehaus continues to offer authentic Austrian cuisine, we move to the next level and offer franchise opportunities with 3 different franchise systems: The Area Franchisee is able to open a Restaurant with Commissary to deliver to other Vienna Kaffeehaus franchisees. The Unit Franchise is a single Vienna Kaffeehaus outlet, preferably in a busy location but not necessary in a mall. The Coffee Kiosk is ideal for mall isles, or in office buildings and food courts.

Inclusive of:
Trade Name and Proprietary marks
Site approval
Training of Franchisee, Supervisor, Service and Kitchen Crew
Procurement program
Marketing assistance
Opening assistance
Operations manual
Research & Development

Steps to our Franchise:
1. Fill up the Confidential Questionnaire together with your letter of intent to:

Melissa Marie O. Basubas
Greenhills Road, Casuntingan
Mandaue City, Cebu 6014
Tel. # 032-347-5146

2. Vienna Kaffeehaus Management will evaluate your questionnaire.
3. Vienna Kaffeehaus will invite you to discuss the Franchise details with you.
4. Inspection of location.
5. If location is approved, sign Franchise Agreement and pay Franchise Fee.
6. Set up of the outlet.
7. Undergo Training.
8. Receive Opening Assistance.
9. Grand Opening.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. To whom do you award Vienna Kaffeehaus Franchise?
Preferably to people with successful professional track record, not necessarily in the coffee shop or food business, with emphasis on people handling skills and management. Franchisee should be motivated to succedd and be outgoing person with entrepreneurial spirit. It is important that Franchisee accept the pros and cons of Franchising.

2. Do you require hands-on management from the Franchisee?
Not required but preferred. Franchisee must hire a professional Supervisor who will be trained by us.

3. How long will it take me to get the Vienna Kaffeehaus Franchise open?
This depends on several variables; selecting a favorable location for your facility, completing training, renovation.

4. Will Vienna Kaffeehaus provide the site and construction of the building or outlet?
Each Franchisee is responsible for securing his own location. All potential sites must be submitted to Vienna Kaffeehaus for approval. Construction or renovation is entirely the expense of the Franchisee.

5. If I lease a space, will you design the store layout?
We will furnish you with a floor plan, sketch and basic specification for Vienna Kaffeehaus. Each Franchisee is responsible for customizing the basic plan to the dimension of the proposed location.

6. What pre-opening services do you offer?
Prior to and upon opening, a Vienna Kaffeehaus representative will assist you with training personnel, ordering equipments and inventory and arranging a Grand Opening.

7. What training assistance and on-going support do you offer?
Vienna Kaffeehaus has spent a great deal of time and effort in developing its product and system and accepts no compromise in quality and control. For this reason, we require Franchisee, Supervisor, Cooks and Food Attendants to complete our training program and demonstrate mastery of certain skills. The cost of training is included in the Franchisee fee. Allowances, transportation and lodging for trainees are at the expense of Franchisee. Our confidential Operations Manual details the Vienna Kaffeehaus system in every aspect of the daily operation.



Thank you for taking the time to click through the Vienna Kaffeehaus site. We would also like to take this time to thank you for your interest in Vienna Kaffeehaus. If you have additional questions that need to be answered, please feel free to fill out our contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please be sure to be specific and detailed in your message. Or feel free to send us a direct email at: .


The Pharmacy with a heart

When couple Ricky, a pharmacist and Christine, both former professional medical representatives, decided to come back home after an 8-year residency in Australia and travels in many different places, they tried their hands on various businesses. Eventually, they ventured into the pharmaceutical business and set up one of the fastest growing pharmacy chain in the country, Johnston Pharmacy.

Having worked for various multinational pharmaceutical companies, the couple saw the need of the middle and lower classes for affordable and effective medicine. Equipped with their extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and promoting pharmaceutical products, combined with a very strong background on pharmaco-dynamics, they established Johnston Pharmacy. Their residence in Sta. Rosa, Laguna was their first branch, which opened December 2005. In less than two years time the business added three more branches in Binan, Pacita and Cabuyao and more recently Macabling, Balibago and another one in Sta. Rosa proper all of which are in lower Laguna.


Have a Slice of Our Success

Joining the Jollibee Group is a winning investment . Through the years, we have developed into a company with the image that prizes customers above anything else. This is due to the fact that we are always up to date with current consumer trends, keeping a keen eye to what our customers are looking for. We constantly introduce new products, we keep in touch with our customers through various programs and promotion and we develop marketing campaigns that touch our customers' sentiments.

At present, there are more than 600 Jollibee stores in the Philippines. More than half of these are operated by franchisees. However, demand does not wane and opportunities still abound in various regional operations in and around Mega Manila, North Luzon, South Luzon and the Visayas-Mindanao areas. Market opportunities extend to territories abroad. Currently, Jollibee operates 26 stores in the USA. It is also present in Brunei, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia & Vietnam.

Winning Investment

The Three B's to Attaining The Company Vision

We at Jollibee have always envisioned the company to become the dominant fast food chain in all the territories we operate in. This vision is the compass that guides us in carrying out our three B's:
Boost the standards of the fast food industry

Build brand satisfactions; and

Broaden our reach to customers

The #1 Employer in the Philippines

In a recent survey made by the Hewitt Associates, as cited in the Far Eastern Economic Review and The Asia Wall Street Journal, the Jollibee Group was the only Philippine Company that made it to the top 20 of Asia's Best Employers list, ranking #16. We also ranked 3rd among Asia's Most Admired Companies in 2000 and we were cited as #1 in Overall Leadership among Top Ten Philippine Companies. Recognizing our drive and our entrepreneurship, we were also named the "Global Growth Company" by the World Economic Forum. Moreover, we are recognized as The Most admired corporation in the Philippines by Asian Wall Street Journal Review 200 (formerly Far Eastern Economic Review 200) for 7 consecutive years (1998-2004)

A Well-Loved Brand

While our awards and achievements already say a mouthful about us, the true test of success is how well we are loved by our consumers. Customer satisfaction has always been key to our success. Never losing sight of our goals, Jollibee has grown to be one of the most recognized and highly preferred brands. We are now the market leader among fast food chains, claiming a market share that totals to more than half of the entire industry.

A Reputable Fast Food Chain Company

The Jollibee Group is a reputed leader and innovator in the fast food industry. Franchise opportunities with us comprise three market segments; namely the Hamburger chain (Jollibee); the Pizza-Pasta fast food segment ( Greenwich ); and the Oriental Food market (Chowking). Recently, we have welcomed into our family, our latest acquisitions -- Red Ribbon, Yonghe and Chun Shui Tang Tea House. With Jollibee, entry into the fast food market becomes easier and more lucrative.

Application Requirements

If you have...
Good community standing
Strong leadership and people-handling skills
Willingness to devote time in managing the restaurant
Can successfully complete the required training program .

... then you have what it takes to be a franchisee of Jollibee!

Apply now for Jollibee franchising! Just follow these steps:

Download and print a copy of the Franchise application form.

Please make sure to fill-out the form completely.

Prepare a proposal containing the following documents:

• Letter of Intent - containing the exact address of your proposed site, your exact mailing address, contact numbers, etc.

• Vicinity Map of Proposed Site - that will more or less guide our field personnel who will go there and conduct an on-site evaluation.

• Legal document certifying applicant's ownership of the site.

• Detailed resume or bio-data.

Mail these documents to:

Franchising & Events Department
9th Floor Jollibee Plaza
#10 F. Ortigas Jr. Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605

Upon receipt of application, this will take 2-3 months of processing. However, submission of an application form does not obligate you or Jollibee in any way. It is just the first step in the application process, which is an evaluation of your proposed location.

Jollibee franchise ranges from 15M to 30M (USD266,445.00 to USD532,890.00).

Details of investment cost, return of investments and other franchising details will be discussed with you once your application has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of a Jollibee franchisee?

Following are qualifications Jollibee looks for in a franchisee:

• An entrepreneur who is self-driven;

• Knows how to motivate his people;

• Willing to devote time to oversee the day to day operation of his restaurant;

• Willing to undergo a full time training on restaurant operations;

• Ability to fund the investment requirement.

How much is the investment required for a Jollibee restaurant?

The financial requirement depending on the final store size and facilities ranges from P15 to P30 Million.

What is included in the investment?

The investment includes the construction of the store, kitchen equipment and facilities, furniture and fixtures, air-con system, signage, and pre-operating expenses.

Does Jollibee provide financing for the franchise?

No. Jollibee does not provide any financing.

If I don't have a site or a location can I apply for a franchise?

Yes, you can still apply, but only applicants with applied sites will be processed by Jollibee for now. In the meantime, Jollibee will include you in its data bank of interested applicants without applied sites.

Can a corporation apply for a franchise?

We award franchises to individuals only. Upon approval of the franchise, this individual can organize a corporation where he must have clear majority ownership.

How much is the return on investment?

The restaurant profitability is dependent on several factors such as sales, market potential, investment and the ability of the franchisee to control his operating expenses. Other questions on financial viability will be discussed only during the interview process.

What is the required lot size or floor area?

The size of the property required for a restaurant is dependent on the store model that will be developed in a particular market.

How long is the training program?

The franchisee is required to successfully complete a 3-month full time Basic Operations Training Program (BOTP) at a designated training store.

Who will provide the manpower to operate the restaurant?

Jollibee will assist the franchisee in the recruitment and training of its management team. However,this team will be employees of the franchisee who is responsible for their salaries and benefits while on training

Training Program

There is a measure of comfort to be derived from the fact that a mother company or franchisor will provide continuing support to its franchisees.
Even before a new Jollibee franchisee gets started with building his restaurant - he undergoes a Basic Operations Training Program (BOTP). This training is supplemented with other programs that will enrich the franchisee's management and analytical skills needed in the operation of the restaurant.

Other foundations necessary for a restaurant to take shape - such as store layout & design, equipment specifications, furniture & fixtures and construction management are among some of the major areas where Jollibee provides its support.

In addition, creative advertising & marketing programs, product development, manufacturing & logistics facilities provide the framework to support its growing network of stores. Field personnel will render consulting services once the stores are operational.

This exciting mix of profitability and initiating an influx of employment opportunities for the community has encouraged many entrepreneurs to establish franchises not just in Metro Manila but in the different provinces in the Philippines and in countries across the globe.

Jollibee's 29-year success is most definitively attributed to its franchising system and the quality of its franchisees. Jollibee franchisees uphold the company's stringent standards in food quality and service.



Franchise Fee
(Please call / email to inquire)

Inclusive of

Trade Name and Proprietary marks
Site approval
Construction supervision
Training for Franchisee, Management, Kitchen Crew, Service Crew
Procurement program
Marketing assistance
Pre-opening assistance
Grand opening assistance
Post opening assistance
Research & Development

Franchise Agreement - 10 years
Outlet Investment - depending on location

Franchisee's Benefits

Use of business name and trade mark
Utilization of business system
High quality menus and food service
Profitable business venture
Credibility of the brand and name recognition
Site selection assistance and evaluation
Pre-Opening assistance
Grand Opening assistance
Post Opening assistance
Effective Field Service
Marketing and promotional assistance
On-going operational support
Procurement Program

Steps to a Gerry's Grill Franchise

Submit a letter of intent with supporting documents like pictures, floor plans, etc. to Francis Villaluz, 2nd floor FMA bldg. 75-C Baler St. Q.C. or you may email it to
Set a meeting with the business development group to learn more about the location
Inspection of location & evaluation
Feasibility study
If location is approved, sign Franchise Agreement
Set-up of the Outlet
Undergo Training
Receive Opening Assistance
Grand Opening !

Frequently Asked Questions
To whom do you award Franchises?

To people with preferable a successful professional track record, not necessarily in the food business, with emphasis on people handling skills and management. Franchisee should be motivated to succeed and be outgoing persons with entrepreneurial spirit. It is important that Franchisee accepts the pros and cons of Franchising, those that desire total control are not suitable to be Franchisees.

Do you require hands-on Management from the Franchisee?

Not required but preferred. Franchisee will focus on accounting & marketing as his/her contribution to the business.

What are the advertisement fees?

1% of gross sales for Local Store Marketing to be spent by you to promote GERRY'S GRILL within your territory. Another 1% for the National Advertisement Fund, this will be used for various marketing activities such as; events, radio, TV, print, & web based advertising.

Will GERRY'S GRILL provide the site and construction of the building or outlet?

Each Franchisee is responsible for securing his/her own location. All potential sites must be submitted to GERRY'S GRILL Corporate office for approval. Construction or renovation is entirely at the expense of the Franchisee.

If I lease a space, will you design the store layout?

Franchisee will be furnished with a floor, plumbing, & electrical plan, sketch and specification for a detailed GERRY'S GRILL restaurant. We have an in-house architect who is the only one authorized to make the design. The contractor however will be awarded based on a bidding or can be recommended by the franchisee but must be first accredited by GERRY?S GRILL.

Is the Franchisee required to purchase all his equipment and supply needs from GERRY'S GRILL?

A list will be given which will identify certain items required to be purchased from GERRY?S GRILL as stipulated in our Procurement Program. Other items which the franchisee may purchase on their own must first be approved.

What pre-opening services do you offer?

Prior to and upon opening, GERRY'S GRILL representatives will assist you with hiring and training personnel, ordering equipment and inventory, and arranging the Store Opening.

What about Training?

GERRY'S GRILL has spent a great deal of time and effort developing its product and system and accepts no compromise in quality or control. For this reason, we require Franchisee, Managers, cooks and service crew to complete our training program and demonstrate mastery of certain skills. There is no training fee but the cost of training such as allowances, board and lodging (if applicable), transportation (if applicable) for Trainees are at the expense of Franchisee.

How long does it usually take to set up a Gerry?s Grill branch?

From the time the application has been awarded, 3-6 months will be the required time to complete the entire structure and to make the store operational.

What is the minimum space requirement for a Gerry?s Grill outlet?

200 - 250 square meters for a mall type location is suitable and additional al fresco (outdoor) seating of about 50 ? 80 square meters will be very ideal. Free standing locations will range between 400-500 square meters depending on the available parking space in the area.

How long is the payback period?

We cannot control the payback period of the business since there are several factors that will affect this, we however target a 3 ? 5 year payback period or ROI (return of investment) based on the feasibility study that we will be conducting.

FMA Building, 75-C Baler St.
San Francisco Del Monte
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: +63 (2) 373-8910
Telefax: +63 (2) 374-4911
Fax: +63 (2) 374-1772



1. An application is considered submitted and for processing when requirements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are complied with. Only upon its submission will FDO process the application.

2. Only one (1) applicant per franchise branch is allowed. In cases of multiple applications in one area, the first one who submits the said requirements will be considered the applicant. Partial submission of requirements will be accepted but will not be considered as filed. It is only upon his/her disqualification will other applicants be entertained.

3. Franchise applicant then proceeds in making the market study on the proposed area. A market study form is provided by FDO. The franchise applicant has 15 days to submit the market study from the time of receipt of the market study form and communication from FDO. The application will be considered withdrawn if it is not submitted within the stipulated period. FDO will open the area applied for upon withdrawal of the franchise applicant. To re-apply, the franchise applicant has to send a letter of communication to FDO stating their interest to re-apply. This re-application would now be subject to evaluation and other franchise applications on line.

4. The initial fee of P30,000.00 is paid to JFC upon submission of the market study. Processing will not continue if initial fee payment has not been received. Non-payment after five days of receipt of market study will have the application considered withdrawn.

5. Finished market study is then submitted to FDO for verification. FDO decides within a period not exceeding 10 working days on the site of the franchise applicant.

6. Upon the payment of the initial fee, the franchise applicant then accomplishes and submits the following –

6.1.Complete Physical Examination at the designated laboratory and doctor by FDO.
6.2.Take the Psychological and Suitability Tests. Non-compliance within 15 days of above-cited requirements will forfeit application and initial payment.

7. Contract of Lease (COL) and Lease Assignment Agreement (LAA) on the approved site should be submitted within 30 days from its approval or it will be considered withdrawn. No panel interview will be scheduled without the Contract of Lease and Lease Assignment Agreement. Should the application be considered withdrawn, franchise applicant may re-apply for the same area so long as there is no other applicant in consideration. A letter stating such should be sent to FDO.

8. Final approval of the franchise application will be made by the panel (composed of five panelist from the members of the ManCom and BOD).

9. Signing of the FRANCHISE AGREEMENT and LEASE ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT shall be after the panel’s approval AND FULL PAYMENT OF THE ACCOUNTS UNDER FIXED INVESTMENT. The aggregate amount shall be P920,000 (the sum of P250,000 Franchise Fee + P250,000 Security Deposit + P420,000 Machinery & Signages )


“We are now the ‘captains’ of our own business”


Former Chief Mate & 2nd Mate- international ocean vessels

Brother Roy and Roel were sailing to different shores of the world. However, their high- earning jobs as OFWs could not make up for the loneliness brought about by being away from home. With the brothers’ firm resolve and encouragement from siblings who are long-time Julie’s franchisees, Roy & Roel, equally determined to become Julie’s partners in Southern Cebu, decided to take the plunge. That decision took its turn for the better, making the Villarin brothers the proud ‘captains’ of their own Julie’s Bakeshop.

“Quality and Service is a Way of Life”


Julie’s Bakeshop Bukidnon

Former Universtity Professor

After retiring from her teaching profession at UP Diliman, Ma’am Bing was thinking of a venture when she learned about Julie’s. The growth of her three (3) bakeshops demonstrates the strength of her back- up support system and her zeal for excellence. She also sees to it that people in her bakeshops become better individuals by providing them the opportunity to be the best they can be. This makes the business more rewarding for Ma’am Bing who past 80 has proven herself to be a value- driven entrepreneur and mentor.

“We have found the recipe for success”


Julie’s Bakeshop Zamboanga Sibugay

Former VP for Operations- LBC Mabuhay

Although Ting enjoyed a high paying job at LBC, the nature of his work entailed frequent relocations of his family from one town to another. It is for this reason that Ting and Malou decided to settle down and set up their own business. With friends and relatives who are Julie’s franchisees, the couple discovered that being with Julie’s is a worthy experience, both challenging ands financially rewarding. Now with Julie’s, Ting and Malou finally found their recipe for success.

“Bakit lalayo pa para maabot ang pangarap?”


Julie’s Bakeshop Baguio

Former Quality Manager- Hong Kong

Tony toiled long and hard to earn as an OFW based in Hong Kong. The day came when he realized that he wanted to go back home for good. With hard- earned savings, he looked for opportunities that would provide a better future for his family. He was so impressed of the Julie’s franchise support system that he lost no time to open his first Julie’s. Indeed, his four (4) bakeshops in Baguio City has created more jobs for those in need. Now, he finds fulfillment in sharing his blessings with others.

“I made a life- changing decision”


Julie’s Bakeshop Bohol

Outstanding Franchisee of the Year- 2007

A practicing surgeon and medical professor, Doc Ed made a life- changing decision in 1991 to become a Julie’s business partner. His entrepreneurial mindset and gift of inner calling to serve others has propelled Doc Ed to his sixteen (16) bakeshop in Bohol. That is commitment to excellence and trust in the Julie’s system unceasing in him.

“People are the backbone of the business”


Julie’s Bakeshop Laguna

Outstanding Franchisee of the Year- 2006

A former recruitment supervisor of San Miguel Corporation, Caca and husband Nonon operates six (6) Julie’s Bakeshop in San Pedro, Laguna, employing more than 80 people. They attribute their achievement to the dedication and loyalty of staff- some of whom have been with them for a long time. For Nonon and Caca, the bakeshop should be a happy workplace where people come first, are treated well and rewarded.

“One must be keen in seeking ways that benefit the business and the country”

Julie’s Bakeshop Batangas
Outstanding Franchisee of the Year- 2005

After a brief stint in the United States, Ritchie returned home to join her husband’s furniture retailing business. The enthusiasm to do business and her desire to help those people in need inspired her to explore other prospects leading her to Julie’s Bakeshop. As an entrepreneur, Ritchie believes in the importance of getting involved in the business hands on. She currently operates four (4) Julie’s Bakeshops in Batangas.

Julie’s Franchise Corporation – Pasig Office
Lot 1 Block 1 Amang Rodriguez Avenue,
corner JRA Subdivision, Rosario, Pasig City
(02) 643 – 7455 / (02) 643 – 5024
(02) 642 – 2583

Julie’s Franchise Corporation – Cebu Office
C. Padilla Street, Duljo Fatima, Cebu City
(032) 261-7117 – 19 (connecting all departments